How to Recharge Your Energy, Naturally

How to Recharge Your Energy, Naturally

If you’re tired, lacking energy, feel drained or you feel like you’re running on empty, this post is for you! 


When we want to recharge our phone or laptop, we plug it into an electrical outlet to recharge its battery so it can continue to function and we can keep using it. 


As humans we also need to recharge our battery if we want to keep functioning. 


The trouble is, many of us don’t make recharging the priority. I see it all too often with the women I work with – how many of my clients don’t prioritize themselves, let alone prioritize how how they can refuel their internal battery. We often think that sleeping will be enough to restore our energy.  And while that is partially true, many of the women I work with  aren’t getting good quality sleep to begin with so they’re already in a deficit. And, as humans we need energy, not just to stay alive and keep our body functioning, but in order to THRIVE we need a battery that is fully charged. So if we keep draining the battery without recharging it, it will eventually… you know…die, just like your phone does when it runs out of charge. 


You see, our body needs energy to perform its primary functions that keep us alive, like breathing, circulating blood, digesting and eliminating food for example –  even if you are not moving and laying down all day. 


Now if we want to live our most audacious fulfilling lives or heal from an injury or imbalance, we need more energy than just the minimum that’s required to survive.

I’m guessing you’re here because you want more than just the basic requirement to stay alive. I hope you have big goals and aspirations for yourself. In fact, I’d love to know what you’re dreaming of. You can leave me a comment below and let me know what you’re going to do when you have a fully charged battery that makes you want to light the world on fire.  

So the question now becomes ‘How do we recharge our human battery and energy?

You may know that food is the primary source of how we create energy.  The food we eat gives us the nutrients and the basic building blocks to produce energy. The main components of energy come from macronutrients (protein, fats and carbohydrates) and micronutrients are the vitamins and minerals in the food. 

And what we eat fuels our body and ultimately how we feel – so the quality of what we eat determines the quality of our energy. You may also notice that some foods provide better sources of energy for longer periods of time. Or that some things that we eat decrease our energy – they make us tired –  or don’t provide energy for a sustained period of time. 

Our metabolism is the fundamental process that converts food into usable energy. The food that we ingest is broken down and then used by the body to perform its activities and all of its functions. Metabolism is important to know and understand – and why I coach on it and have a very specific nutrition program for each of my clients so they can optimize how their body functions.  You can learn more about my custom Metabolic Balance Nutrition & Weight Loss Program here.  

But, and this is a big BUT… you probably recognize that you are more than just a physical body – you are an emotional and spiritual being too! So, we must also look at how we can recharge ourselves holistically – on an energetic level.

What contributes to your energy reserves or depletes it may be different than anyone else’s. Here are some ideas of ways we create energy for our mind, body and soul: 

  • Food – what, when, how you eat, the quality and quantity of food
  • Movement/Exercise – the type, duration, if you love or hate it – how much muscle you build or have will determine how much energy you have or use
  • Sleep/Rest – the quality and quantity 
  • Sunshine – do you see sun? at what times? Does your skin feel sun? Your eyes seeing the sun sets circadian rhythm – how awake or sleepy you are
  • Nature – how connected are you to your environment influences how connected you feel to something greater than yourself which can be fuelling or depleting
  • Sex – this is where our life force comes from – if this area is shut off or down, so will your energy level
  • Joy – how much joy you feel will determine your level of pleasure and delight which fuels feeling amazing if not electric
  • Creativity – your level and exposure to creating things tap into an infinite well of energy
  • Relationships – the quality of your relationships, how connected you feel to others, sense of community can fuel you to great heights
  • Environment – are your surroundings supportive or depleting your energy? Imagine being the most supportive environment for YOU! Where is it? What does it look like?

You see, as complex human beings we need more than food alone to thrive. What we eat is a great place to start, but how we nourish ourselves goes far deeper than just on a physical level.

The question now is what recharges YOUR battery?  Comment below, I’d love to know! 

Much love,



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