Sweet Potato Black Bean Salad

Although this is a salad, and can certainly be used as a side dish, it is loaded with fibre, protein and complex carbs, so this makes a wonderful main dish meal for those times you want to keep things simple. What you need 2 sweet potatoes, peeled, cooked, cooled and cut into bite size pieces […]

Peeling Hardboiled Eggs Easily [VIDEO]

As a holistic nutritionist, I love, Love, LOVE the nutritional contents of eggs! I think eggs are one of the most nutrient dense foods wrapped up in a nice little individual portable package. They’re versatile, convenient and oh so delicious! And they can be easily prepared, are very inexpensive and are low in calories. They get high fives from […]

3 Healthy Shower Hacks

Mmmm…that feeling of warm water pouring down on you and washing over your skin. Oh, how I love that feeling! Most people I know and work with jump into the shower to start their day. Showering is part of most people’s morning hygiene routine and how they wake up. It happens almost on auto-pilot. Just like eating […]

Is the “organic” hype really true?

The conversations I hear about the topic of “organic foods” have been many. They often go something like this: “I can’t taste the difference between organic and commercial foods, so I just buy the regular kind” “Organic is so expensive… I just buy conventional foods. I can’t afford to buy organic for my whole family” […]

Matcha Ginger Nice-cream

This matcha infused ice-cream is a refreshing alternative to my beloved matcha la-tea. It has no added sugar or additives. Matcha is amazing!  The entire tea leaf is pulverized to make the powder, so you are ingesting and getting benefit from the whole leaf when you consume matcha. That means you get about 137 times […]

Baked Portobello and Egg Stack

Go on break the rules! This dish goes for any meal; breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. There’s no real recipe for this dish. You can make a “mushroom stack” out of any thing you like. The options are literally endless. Here, I used a large portobello mushroom cap, a thick slice of tomato, an egg, fresh […]