Breathwork For Cleansing Your Body & Mind

As the season changes, bringing new life and energy, it’s an ideal time to focus on personal renewal and cleansing. Spring symbolizes a fresh start, an opportunity to cleanse not just our homes but also our bodies and minds. Among the most effective and accessible tools for achieving this renewal is breathwork. In this blog […]

Unleashing Strength: A Celebration of Women’s Empowerment

I never really considered myself as a feminist. The label seemed rigid or derogatory, shaped by societal norms I couldn’t quite relate to. Yet, after more than two decades immersed in the male-dominated finance industry and another thirteen years supporting women’s health and wellness as a coach/consultant, my perspective has evolved dramatically. I am a […]

The Healing Power of Red Light Therapy

As a holistic nutritionist passionate about natural wellness, I’m always on the lookout for therapies that align with our body’s innate wisdom. That’s where red light therapy (RLT) shines bright! It’s a blend of science and simplicity, offering a natural approach to enhancing our health. Let’s explore how this gentle yet powerful therapy can rejuvenate […]

How to Stopped Feeling Drained & Fatigued

If you’re tired of being tired, feel like you’re running on empty or simply exhausted, you’re going to want to watch this video so you can see what’s draining your internal battery. I want to help you see that what drains your internal battery of energy is far more than just getting older – which […]

How to Recharge Your Energy, Naturally

If you’re tired, lacking energy, feel drained or you feel like you’re running on empty, this post is for you!    When we want to recharge our phone or laptop, we plug it into an electrical outlet to recharge its battery so it can continue to function and we can keep using it.    As […]

Why Protein Is So Important

So what’s the big deal with protein? Why is there so much hype about protein and the push to eat 20g at every meal? Well, to start the word protein comes from the latin word: proteios, meaning “primary” or “holding the first place”. Protein is of primary importance Protein is an important component for every […]