If you’re exhausted, frustrated or struggling with your weight…


You’re in the right place if you’re looking for answers to get unstuck, shed stubborn fat, balance hormones, ignite your metabolism or kick your energy into high gear!  I’m the nutritionist & transformation coach for mid-life women who want to burn fat and feel fantastic.


“The whole body approach, it’s not just one problem, one answer. Everything works together, what you eat, how you feel afterwards. I felt better and lessened my symptoms by adjusting what I ate and listening to my body. It changed my mindset.” – Carrie O

I’m Sharlene Styles, a Niagara-based holistic nutritionist specializing in transformational coaching and nutrition counseling. Learn more about PURE Natural Health and Wellness, and me here.
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I suspect that you’re here because you want to lose weight (among a few other things)!


If you’re ready to stop coasting through life, bailing on social events because you’re not comfortable in your skin and get obsessed with your reflection in the mirror, I’m here to help.


Imagine for moment: 

  • Not avoiding the mirror when you’re naked
  • Slipping a pair of jeans up and over your hips without struggling
  • Enjoying delicious food without worrying about how it will make you feel later
  • Relaxing into forward bends in your yoga class without excess body fat in the way
  • Feeling a charge of sexual arousal and going with it because you’re not ashamed of your body


My clients and experience have proven that you can change your life and your body regardless of your age (even though you’ve already tried it all with no lasting or significant results). Without a doubt, I know that you too, can transform your body and the relationship you have with food. I’ve seen it happen countless times. All you have to do is say YES to yourself and silence any doubt that’s lingering from failed attempts.


The solution is not another diet or program to follow, the solution is a customized plan created for just for you based on what’s going on in your body today.


Let me show you just how simple it can be with the right solution, for you.