Helping midlife women reclaim their metabolism, energy & confidence

Simple, permanent weight loss without obsessing about what to eat.

Helping midlife women reclaim their metabolism, energy & confidence

Simple, permanent weight loss without obsessing about what to eat.

Feeling overwhelmed with the changes in your body?

You don’t need to struggle alone with stubborn weight, hormone fluctuations and no energy.

I get it. It’s more than just the physical changes you see and feel. It’s about feeling vibrant and being in control.

Allow me to be your co-pilot and navigator for the next little while and see what food can do.

Do you ever...

Struggle to lose weight

You feel like your metabolism has slowed and nothing seems to work

Feel off-balance

You feel like balancing hormones at this age is impossible

Constantly feel tired

You're low on energy no matter what you do

You deserve a solution that actually works for you!

Imagine a life where you...

You can do it too!

Are you struggling to lose weight despite your best efforts? Do you feel like you’ve lost your zest for life? I used to be the same and know how to help you.

Hi, I'm Sharlene Styles.

For years, I struggled with low energy, weight gain, and hormonal imbalances. My journey to understand metabolism and women’s hormones came from experiencing my own frustration and lack of results in my midlife years even through I had been to nutrition school 10 years earlier and nothing I learned worked any longer.

Now, as a certified holistic nutritionist, life coach and metabolism mechanic, I help midlife women figure out what’s really going on with their bodies using metabolic function testing. By identifying nutrient deficiencies, we can boost your metabolism and get your mojo back so you can feel amazing from the inside and out.

Plan to success

Custom, Science-Backed Solutions Without the Guesswork. Holistic. Tailored. Effective

No products to buy

Our solutions are whole foods

No calorie counting

Only supportive foods for unique body

No yo-yo dieting

Find your natural stable weight

What you get

Comprehensive Metabolic Function Testing​

Understand your unique biochemistry and identify nutrient deficiencies.

Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Plan

Receive a prescriptive plan specifically to your body's needs and lifestyle to get maximum results most efficiently.

Custom Meal Plans & Recipes

No more cookie cutter approaches, only delicious, nutritious meals that support your metabolic health and simplify healthy eating.

One-on-One coaching sessions

Personalized guidance, support, and accountability to stay on track and overcome patterns and old beliefs.

Hormonal balance strategies

Learn natural methods to balance your hormones, reducing symptoms like fatigue, mood swings, and weight gain.​

Access to exclusive online community

Connect with like-minded women for support, motivation and sharing experiences.

Let’s talk - book a 30-minute complimentary Metabolic Assessment Call!