Outdoor Yoga in Niagara

On the Road I’m adopting a new title starting right now. Travelling Yogi. My apologies if you or anyone you know labels themselves with the same designation. I love what this classification evokes so I’m going with it; travel and yoga, two of my most  favorite things to do.  While I may not be traveling […]

Chilling with Chai Recipe

I’m not sure what it is that keeps bringing me back to my blender in the summer months. Maybe its the lazy, hazy days of summer or just the simplicity of blending anything possible to get the most & best nutrients circulating in me without having to think about what to chop, slice, dice or cook. Let’s face it, […]

Cool as a Cucumber Juice Recipe

Isn’t the mother of invention born from necessity? I was a out for a little jaunt around my neck of the woods in wine country in the June heat when I decided that I need something cool and refreshing after my brisk steamy walk. Normally, I would reach for a glass of clear liquid, plain […]