Hi, I’m Sharlene. I’m a certified holistic nutritionist, metabolic balance coach, holistic life coach, yoga instructor and meditation teacher. While I’m based in Niagara, my work connects me with women all over the world.


My story is as much about you as it is about me. Because here’s the deal: we’re not so different,  you and I.  It wasn’t so long ago that I was burning the candle at both ends. I wasn’t sleeping well, my weight had skyrocketed and my body ached all over.  I was overwhelmed and confused by all of the conflicting information that I was researching when trying to correct my own physical and emotional imbalances. 


If putting everyone else first while your own health comes last, and eating on the run because you’re always… well… running, sound familiar, read on. It will get better.


With what appeared to be a very successful corporate career in finance and having it all, I was empty and drained.


After years of experimenting with a variety of natural health products and services from supplements to massage and reiki treatments, I realized I needed to be the change I wanted to see in myself. If I wanted to feel better, I had to live better. So I set out to transform my lifestyle.


Since then, I’ve changed what I eat, where I find joy and how I engage with the world around me.  I changed careers to help other women learn what I wish I would’ve known when I was struggling to keep it all afloat.


All my nutrition and holistic education paid off until I hit peri-menopause. Everything that I knew and learned through my formal nutrition training was no longer working. My body changed. My hormones changed. The whole game changed. That frustration lead me to dive deep into understanding women’s hormones, metabolism and the effects of menopause. I now have a system and proven route to success to help other women navigate mid-life, menopause,  hormone challenges and stubborn weight.  It’s helped countless women – just like you and I. I’m confident I can help you understand and overcome your pesky health issues too. 


I can help you rewrite your story, just like I did with mine and countless other women’s. 


You see, I specialize in nutrition from a holistic perspective. (Because we both know this is about more than just the food).


My personal journey into holistic nutrition started almost two decades ago, when I discovered yoga as a way to relieve the stress of my demanding career in corporate finance. Little did I know my budding yoga practice would mark the beginning of a quest for balance in all aspects of my life – from food to love, career and my entire body.



PURE was founded on my discovery that truly holistic nutrition encompasses everything in life that nourishes you, not just food.


You have your own unique strengths and challenges. Likes and dislikes. From food to relationships. My job isn’t to force you into a lifestyle that doesn’t fit who you really are. I’m here to be your guide in self-discovery.  Working together we’ll rediscover what lights you up and design a step-by-step plan to help make your dream life a reality.


“If you’re looking for someone to connect with to gain balance and expert holistic guidance, Sharlene is the gal for you! Sharlene provided me with a safe place to share feelings and stressors I was experiencing. She walked me through – while educating me on – a psychosomatic energy test (such an awesome experience!) to uncover imbalances in my life. Together, we talked about strategies I could implement to reach greater balance and wellbeing. Sharlene motivated me to make changes in my life and recommended specific treatments that helped me with my personal mission. I would recommend Sharlene’s expertise for anyone wanting to gain greater personal insight and guidance on improved health and wellbeing.” -Shawna T.


In addition to receiving Honours in my Holistic Nutrition designation from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, I’ve completed many certifications, courses and trainings to round out my practice, including:

  • Certified Metabolic Balance Coach (Canada & US)
  • Meditation Facilitator designation from Samagra
  • 200 RYT Yoga Teacher Training from Yoga by Sarah
  • Life Coach Certification from the Certified Coaches Federation
  • Rubimed Therapist (Psychosomatic Energetics) from Biomedicine
  • Yoga study with Maria Garre, Sadie Nardini, Jill Miller, Ray Christ, Bo Forbes,
    Todd Norion and Ann Green (to name just a few)…
  • And a few energy balancing therapies that we just may explore when we work together

And while it may surprise you, all of this experience comes into play during our coaching sessions.

I’m also an avid wellness speaker – delivering educational workshops and health talks for organizations across Niagara – and creator of the online programs The Art of Living From the Inside Out, Unlock Your Inner Woman Warrior and The Complete 4 Week Cleanse.