Supplementary Services

Additional or A’ la Carte Services

The following additional services can be tailored to suit your needs or added to a customized plan as a’ la carte options. 


A reliable and trusted nutrition assessment to determine one’s current nutritional status, that can pinpoint nutritional inadequacies causing energy leaks that other methods may miss. It can detect deficiencies or imbalances long before they show up on laboratory tests. The analysis is done through an online questionnaire and then analyzed when completed.


How it works:

The questionnaire takes about 30 minutes to complete. It asks extensive questions (600) about symptoms that relate to nutritional imbalances. All of the questions are based on what your body is experiencing right now, with the foods and supplements you are presently taking.

Along with your customized assessment, you will be given detailed information on what your imbalances are and how to remedy the imbalances using natural means including food, lifestyle and supplementation.


The Nutri-Body Analysis includes:

• An analysis of 65 nutritional categories

• A color graph prioritizing weaknesses

• Items of concern – prioritized

• Items to watch – prioritized

• Explanation of your body’s weakness

• Dietary guidelines

• Supplement recommendations

• Recommendations unique to you


The details:

1. Email me your name and email address with the subject Nutri-Body

2. I’ll send you an invoice and the assessment, electronically

3. Once the analysis is completed, I’ll email you the results and your     recommendations

Simple! No need to leave your house or make an appointment with me.


“The Nutribody Analysis really gave me a detailed snapshot of my overall health. It was amazing to see in what areas I was imbalanced. The best part was I did it all from the comfort of my own home!” – Kim M.


Food sensitivities are different than food allergies. Often, the body doesn’t react to food sensitivities right away. Symptoms may not appear until several days after you’ve eaten the offending food, which makes it difficult to pinpoint. Continually consuming foods your body is hypersensitive to makes it hard for your natural antibodies to fight the increasing antigens. This can result in inflammation, skin irritations like eczema, migraine headaches, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), bloating, indigestion and fatigue. More than two thirds of people with chronic health conditions have food sensitivities.

If you suspect you may have food sensitivities, you can confirm it with a simple self-administered blood test. The simple blood sample you provide will be used to test 200 foods for IgG sensitivities.

Your kit will be mailed to you after purchase and includes: collection instructions, a test requisition form,  lancing device, 1 blood collection tube, 1 alcohol swab, 1 plastic bandage, re-sealable plastic bag, pre-paid Canada Xpresspost mailer.

Simply complete the test and mail it using the pre-paid addressed envelope provided. (Canada only – U.S. residents will need to pay additional shipping). Your results will come back in approximately 3 weeks. I will contact you to set up a complimentary 15-minute appointment to review the results with you.


We can also add on a mineral test. If you have imbalances or pesky issues that you can’t seem to resolve, it may worth testing for deficiencies in this area. It’s often overlooked. Please book a call with Sharlene and discuss which route is best for you, so you don’t waste your precious time or money.


“Sharlene is a fabulous lady with a gift for health and wellness. The PSE testing and drops have been spot-on and have been a really powerful force for positive change in my life. I would recommend them for anyone feeling bogged down with emotional issues that are holding them back from being empowered and fulfilled!” -Lori E.


The Art of Living From the Inside Outis an 8 week online, self-paced transformational program that will help you boost your energy, feel fantastic in and about your body, that you can do anywhere! Follow the program from the comfort of your home, in your car, at the cottage, on vacation or while strolling outside. Access the contents on your computer, tablet, phone or audio device, at your own pace, on your own schedule. 

You may have tried other online programs, but none that combines holistic methods with scientific research to guide you to simple, life altering techniques that will fuel your body, health and life. Through a series of comprehensive step-by-step videos, workbooks and resources, we cover everything from nutrition to stress management to relationships, sexual energy and so much more. 

Unlock Your Inner Woman Warrior is another self-paced program that will help you understand your female body, your hormones and the most beneficial ways to support it through the years. While this program is suitable for women of any age, those who are approaching, in or through menopause may find the most benefit. We will debunk the myths about how nutrition connects with the body, menstruation through menopause, the mind, the soul and finally, how it can create a synergy in your life!


All the contents are accessible on your computer, tablet, phone or audio device and can be done at your own pace, on your own schedule. The videos are short, bite size segments to help you easily digest the information and integrate into your life so that you can embody what you learn, rather than just learn it. 

The Complete 4 Week Cleanse was designed with simplicity in mind. It starts with a gentle detoxification protocol, using food and supplements to support your organs of detoxification. But the program goes deeper with each module on how to cleanse your body, home and life.  This is for you if you struggle with energy and/or weight, don’t have much drive, have digestive issues, skin issues, headaches or achy joints.

This program will help you regain your lost focus, vitality, and purpose and empower you to be in control once again!


“The Art of Living program provided me with the information I needed to make important changes in my life, and inspired me to continue to always keep my health and wellness my top priority. I have never done well with dieting, I scour Google every time I have a health issue, and have never looked at my health, weight, and general well being as a lifestyle. 

The program is delivered in Modules that I can listen to when my time allows.  The downloadable menus and guides are invaluable. Sharlene has organized the Art of Living into bite sized pieces that encourage me to make changes over time as nothing is ever a quick fix. The video modules provide context to the program, and are great for reviewing later – instead of sorting through information on Google. The pace of the program works well for my lifestyle – and I have already seen some great results!” – Alicia W.


I lead corporate wellness programs, educational workshops and keynote talks for businesses big and small. In the past I’ve hosted wellness workshops, lunch & learns on a variety of natural health and wellness topics, cooking demonstrations, yoga and meditation classes. Please get in touch for a customized experience that will foster pure natural health and wellness in your organization.


“PURE and specifically Sharlene offers a unique wellness partnership.  She works with you to determine your business needs and offers creative solutions to meet them head on.  From her extensive knowledge of nutrition to her facilitation skills she will work to engage participants.  Whether offering a group cleansing program,  meditation or cooking class you know you will receive a remarkable wellness experience” Niagara Casinos


Learn how to prepare healthy meals in a fun environment that makes cooking enjoyable and nutritious. I love sharing my expertise, culinary creativity and love of wholesome, delicious foods. I offer cooking classes for individuals, couples and large groups. Let me know if you have an idea in mind, or if you’re happy to go with my recommendation. The cost will depend on your menu, the venue and the number of guests. The possibilities for customizing your cooking class are endless. I promise to make it special, relevant, educational and a ton of fun.  I can come to your home if proximity allows or we can arrange a private demo kitchen in Niagara for groups under 25 or facilitate online classes to the comfort of your home. 


“After having a lengthy overall check up,I knew I had to make changes to my diet and daily eating habits. I have known Sharlene for years and decided to ask her for help. I can say after months of meetings and interactive and personal cooking workshops, I am feeling and looking much better. I’m very happy with my new direction in regards to my health and happiness” – Timothy S