Mexican Breakfast Bowl

This Mexican breakfast bowl puts a southern spin on our traditional North American scrambled eggs: To assemble your Mexican breakfast bowl, layer scrambled eggs on top of warmed black beans, sautéed spinach. Top with some homemade salsa and sliced avocado. Quick and easy to prepare. And such a nice treat. This dish will leave you satisfied […]

No Bake Nut Butter Oat Bites

Easy, no bake, bites of goodness I just recently stumbled on a new nut butter in my favourite local health food store, The Peanut Mill. I was super excited to sample it and since I don’t derive much energy or nutritional value from eating nut butter on bread, I came up with this little concoction. It’s nothing fancy, […]

Curried Coconut Cream Celery Soup

It’s winter and soup seems to fill my soul as much as it warms my bones. This snowy December day led me to work from home most of the day and clean out my refrigerator of some tired celery. What you need 1 Tbsp coconut oil 1 whole bunch of celery, cleaned and roughly chopped […]