Natural Immune Boosting

The change of seasons can be a challenging time for people whose immune systems aren’t functioning properly. Your immune system is your most powerful protection against illness and dis-ease. It isn’t your exposure to a virus that determines your health, it’s your body’s ability to handle exposure that’s important. A strong, effective immune system is […]

How to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally: A Free Webinar

Poster to learn how to boost your metabolism naturally

I’m offering a free webinar next Tuesday evening and you won’t want to miss it. Here’s what you need to know The topic: How to Boost Your Metabolism Naturally The time: 7 PM ET The catch: You’ve got to be a newsletter subscriber to take advantage of this free webinar. If you’re not already a […]

Health Trends and Myths

Dear health-seekers, I know you’ve got some burning questions about whether or not the latest health trends are actually improving your health. So let’s dive in. You ask: Do cleanse programs actually rid your body of toxins? Cleanse programs like the popular Master Cleanse and juice diets, may be effective in giving your digestive system […]