Unleashing Strength: A Celebration of Women’s Empowerment

Unleashing Strength: A Celebration of Women’s Empowerment

I never really considered myself as a feminist. The label seemed rigid or derogatory, shaped by societal norms I couldn’t quite relate to. Yet, after more than two decades immersed in the male-dominated finance industry and another thirteen years supporting women’s health and wellness as a coach/consultant, my perspective has evolved dramatically. I am a huge fan and supporter of women. They continue to wow me every single day. If that makes me a feminist, then so be it.

Witnessing the strength, resilience, beauty, power, and vulnerability of women has been a constant in my life. From the unwavering support of my childhood babysitter, who first taught me to look up to another woman, to the effortless cool of my aunt that I aspired to be, the grace and calm I admired in my ballet teacher, and the traits I see myself mimicking in my close friends. Most significantly, I’ve come to recognize how deeply I embody my mother’s qualities—not just in my actions and thoughts but in my very appearance as well.

In my role as a health and life coach, I’ve had the privilege of engaging with women on a more intimate level. This, coupled with the wisdom gained from more time spent navigating this world, has allowed me to perceive the depths, strengths, beauty, doubts, and regrets in those I work with, as well as in friends I’ve grown to know on a deeper level. It’s in these connections that I see my own reflections mirrored back at me. We share similar journeys, marked by our unique struggles and triumphs, our resilience, and our inherent power.  Each woman I’ve crossed paths with has, in some way, sculpted or enriched parts of who I am today. Their influence weaves through the fabric of my identity, reminding me of the collective power we hold as women.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, I find myself contemplating the incredible impact women have around the globe. It brings to mind a powerful concept: empowerment. But what does it really mean to feel and be empowered in our lives? To get us all thinking on the same wavelength, I looked up ’empowerment’ in the Oxford dictionary. It’s described as being given the authority or power to do something and the journey to becoming stronger and more confident, particularly about directing our own lives and standing up for our rights.

Yet, to me, empowerment goes beyond just a definition. It’s about the authority we have over the daily choices we make, the challenges we overcome, and the moments we stand up for ourselves and others. It’s in the ways we support one another, chase our goals, and break barriers. Reflecting on my own journey, I realize there are countless instances where I’ve felt truly empowered, moments that have shaped the person I am today. I’m sharing them here with the intention to inspire you to look at your own life and actions and reflect on where and how you feel empowered.

Stepping into Self-Employment:

Diving into self-employment without a safety net was a big step toward claiming my independence and carving out a professional life that truly reflects my values and passions. This choice allowed me to shape my destiny on my own terms, setting my goals and defining what success looks like for me. For me, this has felt empowering AF.

Committing to My Health and Wellness:

My approach to health and wellness is deeply rooted in the belief that nourishing the body, mind and soul is a fundamental act of self-respect. It’s not about being a certain weight or about vanity metrics, but about making choices that enhance my well-being and feeling great because of it. This dedication to putting my health first, and embracing the simple joy of feeling good, is a real power move. It’s how I take control of my body and my life.

The Liberty of Solo Travel:

Taking solo trips that have enriched my life and tested my strength beyond measure, becoming a crucial part of my journey toward self-discovery and empowerment. Each adventure has taught me invaluable lessons in independence, resilience, and the sheer joy of making my own way in the world. There’s a unique kind of freedom in traveling alone — no need for approval, no compromises, no waiting on anyone else. Just the freedom to do exactly what I want. These solo adventures have not only expanded my horizons but also bolstered my confidence, teaching me how to navigate life’s complexities with grace and courage on my own.

Finding Strength in Creativity:

Exploring creative pursuits has been a big source of joy and self-expression. Whether it’s through painting, writing, designing interiors or any other form of artistic expression, the act of creating something uniquely mine is incredibly fulfilling. It’s a reminder that empowerment can also come from the freedom to explore and express our inner worlds without constraint.

Choosing to Be Single:

For me, deciding to stay single has been surprisingly empowering. It’s about enjoying my own space and freedom, making choices that are 100% for me without needing to compromise. This isn’t about avoiding relationships; it’s about focusing on the one with  myself. It’s given me the chance to focus on personal growth, to figure out exactly what I want my life to look like, and to pursue that without distraction. Being single means I’m in charge of my happiness, and that’s a powerful feeling.

I’ve found that the things that scare me the most, which I address and overcome, become my greatest victories, where I feel the greatest sense of accomplishment. If you’re looking to discover and embrace your own empowerment journey, it’s helpful to recognize where you already stand strong and identify areas where you’d like to grow stronger. Here are some ideas to get you started, along with journal prompts and internal questions to guide your reflection and see where you already feel empowered and where you want to feel more empowered.

What Achievement Am I Most Proud Of?

Identify an accomplishment that fills you with pride. How did achieving this goal reinforce your belief in your own abilities? This prompt encourages you to recognize your achievements and see them as evidence of your personal power.

When Did I Last Say ‘No’ to Something That Didn’t Serve Me?

Reflect on a time you turned down an opportunity, request, or demand because it didn’t align with your values or needs. What did this decision teach you about your priorities and your ability to protect your well-being? This question highlights the strength in setting boundaries and choosing self-respect.

How Have I Grown From a Past Failure?

Think back to a moment of failure or setback. How did you respond, and what growth followed this challenge? Understanding that growth often follows failure can reveal resilience and the capacity to find empowerment through learning.

What Positive Impact Have I Made on Someone Else’s Life?

Recall a time your actions or words positively affected someone else. How does knowing you have the power to make a difference influence your view of your own strength and purpose? This prompt is designed to illuminate the often-overlooked power of our actions on others and the world.

Where Do I Feel Most Limitless and Free?

Consider the situations or activities where you feel most liberated and unrestrained. What about these experiences makes you feel powerful, and how can you incorporate more of this freedom into your life? This question encourages exploration of the environments and contexts that foster a sense of personal power and autonomy.

How do you see empowerment playing out in your life? What moments or actions make you feel truly in control and powerful?

I’d honestly love to know. You may just inspire, remind or lead someone else to find theirs. 

Here’s to your inner strength and knowing. I see you sister. Keep on shining bright.

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