How to Stopped Feeling Drained & Fatigued

How to Stopped Feeling Drained & Fatigued

If you’re tired of being tired, feel like you’re running on empty or simply exhausted, you’re going to want to watch this video so you can see what’s draining your internal battery.

I want to help you see that what drains your internal battery of energy is far more than just getting older – which mainstream media or sources may have you believe.

What drains or uses our energy reserves is just as unique as you are.  Here are some ideas and examples of what can drain your battery and energy levels (that I explain in more detail in the video):

  • Your unique body functions – like inflammation, healing from an injury, strenuous activity, genetics, etc.
  • Stressors: imaged, perceived or real – they all do the same thing to your body
  • Exposure to toxins – alcohol, household products, conventional cleaning products, beauty care products
  • Unsupportive relationships
  • Unsupportive thoughts
  • Unhealthy food – processed, refined or those that trigger symptoms to you
  • Indoor environments – like air quality, pollutants, artificial lights etc.
  • Technology and screen time
  • Too much or the wrong kind of exercise

The question now is what drains your personal energy?

Comment below and let’s see if we can change that.

Much love,

P.S. In this video, I mentioned a resource that can help you management stress – which is one of the biggest contributors to fatigue – here’s the link my Art of Balance, Stress Management Guide along with  a cleanse program that can help you remove harmful toxins that may be robbing your body of cherished energy too!  Complete Cleanse Program

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