Maybe you know that I’ve been hosting yoga events across Niagara for years. Way before anyone else considered doing yoga at local wineries, I was hosting Yoga in the Vineyard events and combining three of my favourite things; yoga, wine and uniting like minded people (while I personally was having the time of my life).

My love for both yoga and wine continued to grow and my yoga events spread to various wineries. I eventually tacked on other elements to showcase the beautiful area that I live in and made these events more like “experiences” for locals and visitors. A simple yoga class followed with wine tasting turned into yoga, hike, healthy lunch and wine tasting then I added kayaking and a healthy picnic lunch to yoga.

Soon, these yoga and wine events became a little more common place. Not that I got bored of them, they just didn’t seem to be as special any more with so many others now doing the same kind of thing. What did seem special and unique to me was that craft breweries started popping up everywhere.

As a forerunner and supporter of local business and promoter of “balanced lifestyle”, I wanted to bring yoga to a local breweries. As a nutritionist, I also wanted to promote the element of health, so I paired yoga and a healthy brunch with beer.  I honestly thought that yoga at a brewery may prompt more men to attend a class with their partner, friend or muse. Geez, the reward of beer and a fabulous healthy meal following a yoga class… who could resist?

Well, I’ve been wrong before. I didn’t get it right that beer would attract more men to try yoga, but I did get it right that yoga at a brewery is super fun and a very unique experience. Girls, I know you get it!  Not one guy, other than the videographer got to enjoy this special event.  But honestly it’s okay ladies, it’s our little sacred secret and we get the whole brewery to ourselves.

For all the beer loving yoga ladies, here’s a little clip of my first craft brewery event this past summer. It was held at Brimstone Brewing Co in Ridgeway, ON and Crave Local Fresh catered a delicious healthy brunch. It was the perfect thing to do, on I’m sure what was the only rainy this past summer.


The event was such a hit and it has been a popular request to hold another one… so I am!

Check my events page for details of the next one.

By the way, I did find out what it takes for some men to try yoga… either when they see other men are doing it and those men are comfortable with it or they are in pain and willing to give it a try or maybe it’s just for the gal’s yoga pants. Who really knows? But it’s not for beer, I’m pretty sure about that.

Cheers & Namaste,


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