The Real Raw Truth of My Story

I often get asked the question; How the hell did you go from finance to natural health? Then the question is usually followed by “Wow! That’s quite the 180 º”.  I laugh politely, agree and give an encapsulated answer. I decided to answer that common question late one night into my phone. I had this vague […]

Bend, Brunch & Brew Event at Brimstone [VIDEO]

Maybe you know that I’ve been hosting yoga events across Niagara for years. Way before anyone else considered doing yoga at local wineries, I was hosting Yoga in the Vineyard events and combining three of my favourite things; yoga, wine and uniting like minded people (while I personally was having the time of my life). […]

Get your back into the swing of things

It’s that time of year again – when nature starts to rustle and come to life. We feel the air getting warmer, the days getting longer… we anticipate budding trees, green grass… And, if you’re like me, being on the golf course as soon as you can. Maybe it’s your garden, the baseball diamond or […]

Outdoor Yoga in Niagara

On the Road I’m adopting a new title starting right now. Travelling Yogi. My apologies if you or anyone you know labels themselves with the same designation. I love what this classification evokes so I’m going with it; travel and yoga, two of my most  favorite things to do.  While I may not be traveling […]