Grilled Peach & Turkey Ball Appetizer

Grilled Peach & Turkey Ball Appetizer

Are you like me? Do you love appetizers?

I can go out for dinner and order only appetizers. In fact, I did that just the other night. My dinner companion and I almost made it through the entire appetizer menu. Okay, it was kind of short with only six choices and we shared five of them. They were all made with in season, local whole foods as part of a Food Day Canada. Surreptitiously, we stumbled on to a delightful national culinary celebration at Zest Restaurant in Fonthill. This weekend celebration of food is like an underground secret where some of the top restaurants across Canada focus their entire menu on all Canadian ingredients. Let’s just say it was like winning the lottery without buying a ticket for a foodie girl.

For me, ordering appetizers is a clever way of having tapas (or small plates) of food. I love the variety of sampling many dishes and the chef’s creative diversity. Besides, an entree is sometimes just too much. Enter the appetizer menu.

Like most of my recipes, this one was made from what I had in my fridge and me scratching my head, thinking ‘I’m hungry and what do I need to use up?’ to ‘Oh yeah! Those flavours will play nicely together’.

This is a pretty simple appetizer made of grilled peaches, turkey meatballs, goat cheese and fresh mint leaves.

There really isn’t a recipe for this easy app, other than for the turkey meatballs. What it should come with though is an instruction manual on how to stack the ingredients with good solid foundation so they don’t roll around or off your plate. I found out after I snapped this picture, that the meatballs work a little better on the bottom (although it doesn’t look as pretty).


What you need

Peaches, skin on, grilled and sliced
Turkey Meatballs, make them small for one-bite size appetizers
Goat Cheese, sliced or cubed (as best as you can)
Balsamic Reduction (optional)
Mint Leaves


What you do

  • Prepare and bake turkey meatballs in oven or on BBQ (yes, just the same as you’d use an oven). Just keep the lid closed on the BBQ closed while cooking and place the baking sheet on the opposite of the heat source. (Keep one side of your BBQ burners on, place the baking sheet on the opposite side)
  • Cut peaches in half, remove pit and grill on BBQ – both flesh and skin side of the peaches until they’re softened. (This really enhances the sweetness of the fruit). Once grilled, remove them and slice into appropriate sized wedges for one-bite size appetizers
  • Stack warm small size turkey meatballs, sliced grilled peaches, sliced goat cheese and mint leaf on a toothpick or fancy skewer
  • Serve warm as an appetizer and with balsamic reduction if you like
  • Enjoy!


Feel free to swap out the turkey meatball for any meat of choice instead (chicken, fish, shrimp or beef would work really well). If animal protein isn’t your thing, try adding more fruit like grilled pineapple and some veggies, like red onion and bell peppers to make your skewer instead.

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