Armour against COVID 19 – Reassurance in uncertain times

Armour against COVID 19 – Reassurance in uncertain times

At this time of writing on Friday, March 13, 2020, we are sure in an extraordinary and complex time with COVID 19 storming the globe. In many ways it feels over-blown, yet we as humans are taking precautions that seem extreme when combined on a global level. Our cautious measures has led to mass sense of urgency and fear.

While panic and fear may buzzing all around right now, I’m hoping I can offer some level of pro-active calmness to soothe your mind, heart and nervous system at this chaotic time.

Here are some ways to armour and nourish yourself in these uncertain times:



While I’m not a microbiologist or an expert in viral strains, I do know that your immune system is your most powerful protection against illness and dis-ease. It isn’t your exposure to a virus that determines your health, it’s your body’s ability to handle exposure that’s important.

A strong, effective immune system is one that is primed and ready to attack and destroy foreign pathogens – reducing your risk of illness as well as the severity of illness, if you do get sick. The immune system is just that – a system; there is no single entity that is your protection against illness.

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of the well known and trusted ways you can boost your immune system circulating every digital platform in the past few weeks. In case you need some extra armour or a reminder, you can get all my best tips to Boost Your Immune System here. My post includes a recipe for Immune Boosting Soup that you can make yourself or opt for some delicious and nourishing bone broth.



The frenetic energy around our globe has now escalated to new heights. It’s challenging for sensitive souls not feel this askew vibration or see reminders of anxiousness and/or extreme caution everywhere – businesses, shopping centres, schools, governments, social media platforms, news, etc.

While the whole world seems to be on the same frequency, you can control your own – you can dial in to your own inner channel, any time. Consider taking some time to yourself, get quiet and dial in to your breath, to connect with your higher-self or the divine power within you. She holds many answers, much magic and vast knowledge. Listen to her. But first you must get quiet to hear her, her truth and reassurance.



While external circumstances may be beyond our control at this time, I know you have beauty in you waiting to be born. Perhaps it’s writing something, creating art, making music, making a beautiful meal, re-arranging furniture or your inner landscape, cleaning or purging your home, office or closet. I know that beauty lives in you and is waiting to be unleashed. This is the perfect time to set it free into the world.

I urge you to create something beautiful for yourself, a loved one or perhaps someone you don’t know to spread your light… the world needs some light and your beauty right now (and always)!



The stock markets around the world have gone cuckoo! Confidence in being able to consume goods has been shaken and therefore COVID-19 has made a historical mark in time and in the financial indexes. Before selling in response to the mass chaos, do yourself a favour and talk to a professional before making any quick hasty or decisions.
Side bar – yes, I was a financial planner and investment advisor for most of my working life before switching gears from wealth to health. And yes, I still know some great professionals in the industry. If you need a referral to a heart-centered advisor, just hit me up here and I’ll recommend someone suitable for you.



You may feel like hankering down in a bunker right now to shelter and protect yourself from the surrounding mayhem. Isolations are abound, and it may feel safe to be home and alone right now. While alone time is good and nourishing, so is support from your tribe. Connecting with people that you love and that support your highest good is a great way to increase your own frequency and keep yourself in the state of LOVE.
Can you imagine if LOVE was spread at the same magnitude as the fear of this virus has?

That is my deepest hope… that the whole world can just take a deep breath together and calm the F*ck down. We collectively have conquered much greater threats than this.

Let’s all return to frequency of LOVE together… with that energy we can accomplish ANYTHING and pleasure feels so much better than panic.

In sisterhood, calmness and love,

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