Let’s learn from the fly…

Do you ever feel like you’re doing all the right things, giving it your all and not getting anywhere?

Me too!

What I’ve learned, that seems so obvious, is that effort in the wrong direction is futile.

In this video, we learn from a fly trying so hard with the wrong approach to get to freedom. It’s often the struggle that leads to its death when there is an easier option only steps away from the path that lead to its freedom.

When you give it your all and keep trying hard to get the results you want, yet not getting anywhere, it may be time to look at the approach you’re taking to see if it really is the best option.

I share with you as a reminder that expending more effort in the wrong direction is futile.

When we relate our effort  

Where in your life are expending energy that isn’t getting you the results you want?

Is it time for a different approach?

If it’s related to health, wellness or nutrition, I may be able to help.

Let’s see what your dreams are and how you can get there with the least amount of effort.

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