Root vegetables – the sweetest of them all

I love autumn time here in Niagara. It’s a time of shedding what we no longer need, nestling down and getting cozy at home. The harvest of the root vegetables that are abundant now lasts us throughout most of the winter.  To me, these root veggies are very symbolic of the earthy, comforting feeling of the seasons in which they are readily available; autumn and winter.

In the words of Anna Olson, “what grows together, goes together”.  When I think of autumn and winter veggies, I think of squashes, sweet potatoes, beets, carrots and parsnips.

Here’s what I concocted for a quick easy meal using what’s in season, but I’m sure you can use any variation of root vegetables that you have.

Root Veg on Quinoa

Simple and delicious!

Sharlene Styles

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