It’s apple & pear season in Niagara!  I can’t tell you how much I love having access to local tender fruit. Or how much I love munching on a crisp healthy delicious apple that came from a local farm.  Apples and pears carry us through the winter months in Niagara. Both of these fruits store well through the fall and winter months. And they each have a wide variety of uses. I love how versatile they both are.

Lucky for me, it’s autumn time; both of my fave fruits are at their prime and I do love me some variety!  How does it get any better?

Because of my quest for variety, I’m always experimenting, trying new things or looking for inspiration.  Recently I pulled out Doug McNish’s Eat Raw, Eat Well cook (well un-cook) book.  I made a version of his Apple Crumble recipe (page 333 if you have the book).  Here’s my tweaks to his recipe:


5  medium sized organic apples, diced with skin left on (I used Gala apples)

1 lemon, freshly juiced

1/4 c  date pasteNo Bake Apple Crumble

1/4 c sultan raisins (soaked in warm water for 10  minutes, then drained)

1 Tbsp  ground cinnamon


1 c  walnuts

4 medjool dates, pitted

1 Tbsp  ground cinnamon

pinch of Himalayan salt


What you do

Serves 4

Next time I’ll mix apples and pears together and I might even jazz it up by adding some fresh ground ginger and ground cloves.

Let me know if you try any other variations.






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