I would hazard a guess that at some point in your life you’ve realized you have way more stuff than you actually need. It may have been while consciously assessing your surroundings, possessions or personal desires. Or, it may have just occurred to you out of the blue – an urge prompting you to live an ‘uncomplicated’ life.

Regardless of how it happened, I invite you – right now – to look around yourself and your abode to see what excess exists in your life.

When I split from my ‘was-band’ I thought I had truly scaled back and purged the surplus from a house that was way too big for two people.

I was well on my way to living an uncomplicated life.

One with less stuff and less stress.

But when I set up my own, smaller, simpler abode, I soon came to realize that what I held on to was still way more than what one person needed.

I’ve recently set up a temporary home for a short-term stay on the West Coast of Canada.

In order to make a cozy, yet humble nest for myself, I had to assess what I truly needed for comfort, survival and my own nourishment.

And although I chose to live this uncomplicated life, what did I realize? It’s amazing how little we actually need! And once we lose the STUFF, we gain a profoundly clearer focus on the things that are truly important to us.

What physical things would you choose for your ‘essentials’ list?

I arrived with only my clothes, some essential oils and personal care products. Plus the things that were important to me and my work: my computer, tablet and phone, along with two luxury devices: a bluetooth speaker and DSLR camera.

In my temporary nest, I have the basic necessities for an uncomplicated life as I see it: bed, bathroom, a place to prop up my computer, a kitchen and some cooking essentials.

Here’s what I stocked up on at the market – what I considered nutritional essentials.

Yep, that’s all for me!

Although I don’t consider them necessities, I also found some great local organic beer and wine – even Prosecco! Summertime luxuries for my new temporary abode.

I think I’m all set. I have everything I need to live simply and fairly healthily.

So now, over to you!

Do you over-complicate your life?  With what? Is there anything (stuff, food or emotional baggage) holding you back or tying you down? In pursuit of the elusive uncomplicated life, is it time to let it go?

Living light,





P.S. I threw together a little concoction of my daily essentials that I thought you might enjoy. A light refreshing summer drink.

I muddled together:Cucumber, basil, lemon, ginger pear drink

Then I topped it off with mineral water. Added ice cubes, garnished with slices of pear, cucumber, lemon and basil leaves. If you want a full-octane drink try adding vodka or gin. More healthy mocktails here.


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