Is Adaptability Good or Bad?

Is Adaptability Good or Bad?

Recently, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing extreme opposites. From looking at the experience closer, I couldn’t help but reflect on, how adaptable we really are.

Which lead to me to the question: Is being adaptable good or bad?

So you’re good at adapting to bad situations? Does make being adaptable is a good quality or not?

First a bit of a story…

You may know that I’ve been spending this summer on the west coast of Canada. When arranging my accommodation, I was presented with the opportunity to house sit an empty place for my uncle’s friend before the house was sold. The arrangement seemed good for everyone involved.

It turns out that staying in the empty house was one of my extreme opposite experiences. It may also be helpful for me to clarify what empty house means, so you can understand what I’m talking about. ‘Empty’ means all the comforts of a home were gone, removed, non-existent. All furniture, belongings and personal items – gone.  The stuff  you need to live on a day to day basis – gone. Just imagine a moving truck had come and taken all worldly possessions from the home. What’s left are the bare bones: walls, flooring, ceiling, lighting, roof, bathroom fixtures and some appliances.

Empty house, that’s my cue.  I roll in with my suitcase. Luckily for me there was a murphy bed (wall bed) in a spare room. “Murphy” became my comfort and my new BFF. I sure am glad that I do yoga regularly – that makes getting in and out of a low hanging bed somehow achievable for a month. I’ve camped countless times and have loved it every single time. This time was no different.

I was camping in a beautiful, completely vacant house with indoor plumbing, refrigeration and working stove. I’m adaptable.  I’ve got this! Besides, I can live simply, right?  What more do I need than being surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, ocean, fresh air and tons of green trees. No problemo! It’s just for one month anyhow.

Cue my next opportunity and the opposite extreme – an invitation to house sit a couple’s ‘palace’ for ten days while they’re away, all I have to do is care for their plants. Yes I’m a simple gal who loves to camp BUT  I think even more materialistic folks would say this is a house far beyond normal comforts. Let’s just say it had an elevator, 8 bathrooms, the most incredible view of the ocean and mountain range on the coast, way more plants than I can count, a remote operated gate with camera and all kinds of amazing technology to control everything in the house.  The palace is so extravagant it was featured in a home decor magazine! I’m sure you get the picture. Luxuries abound.

How could I ever leave my simple surroundings and adjust to such grandeur overnight? Could I quickly and effectively oscillate between such extremes?

While in the empty house, I faced my own ego and resigned myself to my surroundings and the situation. I knew it was what I signed up for. I embraced it and learned to love it.

At the palace, again, I quickly became comfortable with all of my surroundings and all of the luxuries that money could buy.

I think the amount of time that it took for me to switch gears and adapt to my new surroundings (in both cases) is a true testament of how quickly we really do adapt to our environment, regardless of whether we view it as positive or negative.

In both of my scenarios I knew the situation was temporary and I embraced each for what was before me. I appreciated each of them for what they were, when they were, at the time. I also knew those moments would pass and soon I’d be in a completely different situation. I wasn’t wishing them away or desperately trying to hold on to them, but merely enjoying them as best as I could while they lasted.

My scenario is in no way unique and the lessons I learnt permeate all of our lives.

Our lesson is to live in the moment, appreciate what each moment brings and know it will not last forever.


The subject of adaptability, in my mind, is still open for negotiation.

If you’re ‘stuck’ in what you consider an unfavourable situation, do you settle in and resign yourself? Do you wish it away? Do realize this too shall pass? Or do you appreciate it for what it is?

Conversely, when all of the stars are aligned and everything around you seems favourable, do you think this is how it will always be? Do you take it for granted? Or do you realize that everything is temporary?

So back to my question, “Is being adaptable good or bad?”

Does it really need to be either? Can it be both? Or neither?

Can it simply  just represent the moment that you are in right now? And could this mean that this moment is not good or bad, it just IS.

Can you take the gift from the moment that you are experiencing right now? Regardless if  you consider it good or bad?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Peace from my heart to yours (whatever moment you are in right now),






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