3 Things That Metabolic Balance Can Help With 

3 Things That Metabolic Balance Can Help With 

For over a decade I’ve spent countless hours studying various principles of nutrition, biochemistry, physiology and anatomy to understand the body’s inner workings, for my own health and that of my clients. 


Even with all the information I had, in the past few years I noticed my body was not responding in the same way it once did to all of my efforts and education in nutrition. 


What worked five and ten years ago just wasn’t cutting it any longer. Eating healthy, whole foods in their natural state just wasn’t enough. My weight was creeping up, my sleep patterns were random and mostly interrupted, leaving me feeling low in my moods and energy. I didn’t have the energy or motivation to want to exercise.


Fasting, keto and paleo diets weren’t supportive for me. In fact, they made things worse. I thought upping my exercise intensity would help my sluggish metabolism, but in fact it didn’t move the scale at all, it just made me more hungry and tired. 


I started looking for a solution that worked consistently for balancing hormones and metabolism, not only for me but for my clients who were having the same issues.  My research led me to Metabolic Balance. 


Metabolic Balance is a customized nutrition program that includes comprehensive blood testing of various hormones, markers for digestion, inflammation, metabolism, detoxification and nutritional status and a personal coach to support you. 


Foods with essential and vital nutrients your body needs most are then selected based on the results of blood work, personal history and goals. 


While there are 8 basic principles to follow, each plan is individually customized with supportive foods customized for you. (You can grab a copy of them by clicking here.) 


The specific foods selected for you support what I call The Wellness Trinity (hormones, inflammation and digestion). This is important to note, as each of these factors are interrelated and must be addressed at the same time, since an imbalance in one area, creates an imbalance in the the entire trinity. 


I’ve personally found that since following the Metabolic Balance plan, the biggest gain has come from a renewed sense of energy and confidence. I’m sleeping like I did when I was a teenager. Yes, I’ve shed excess fat, especially in my belly (about 20 lbs to date), but the biggest benefit is how alive and energized I feel. 


Here are the top 3 things I see with my clients 



Sleep improves – melatonin (sleep hormone) and serotonin (feel good hormone) normalize. Fat loss happens rather quickly as the plan regulates insulin levels, which is the fat storage hormone and ignites the fat burning mechanism instead. Cravings for foods disappear as metabolism gets regulated. Hormones are more in harmony – menopause symptoms , hot flashes  & PMS imbalances diminish. 



Joint pain, digestive issues and brain fog reduce because foods with very specific nutrients are selected particularly for you based on your bio-chemistry, omitting inflammatory foods or ones that are not supportive to you.



Bloating, gas, indigestion and transit time improve as food is not selected according to calorie content or by macro content, the criteria is the effect a specific food has on your metabolism overall. 


Join me for a conversation that I’ll be having in my Private Facebook Group on Thursday April 1, 2021. It’ll be an intimate space where you can ask questions and engage with me privately. You can join the group here: Women Wellness Warriors.


And be sure to download the 8 basic Metabolic Balance Principles here.

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