To: You… my little sunbeam,

I just love this time of year! It’s my personal fave. I dig out my long pants, (eventually) socks, sweaters and boots. Cool crisp air, soups, stews and root veggies become the norm.

And perhaps most importantly, it’s a time of thanks. Not only because I LOOOOOVVE turkey at Thanksgiving dinner (dark meat, please!) but because it’s my tradition to be submersed in gratitude throughout this holiday weekend.

Regardless of what I do during this festive weekend, it always centers around appreciation. If I’m with family or friends, I invite everyone around the table to share what they’re grateful for. Sometimes I go on a solo adventure for the weekend to a explore a new town where I appreciate the area I live in or I hit the trails for a nature hike to be reminded of the beauty and simplicity of life.

While I attempt to be grateful every single day, Thanksgiving weekend reminds me of how appreciative I truly am for all that I have, am, can give and receive.

As I prepare for this weekend of gratitude, my mind and heart veer to you. When I sit quietly behind my computer screen, I often don’t know who I will reach, who will read what I write or if anyone will benefit from what I share.

Then I hear from someone that I haven’t personally met that has used one of my recipes which their family now loves. Or when someone I don’t know follows me online and introduces themselves when I’m out and about and tells me how I’ve inspired or motivated them in some way. My heart bursts open with appreciation and gratitude, knowing that I’ve had some small impact in someone’s life.

Today, I want to share that tenderness with you and say “Thank You” from my overflowing heart for allowing me to share my work and your valuable time. I know how full life and attention spans are these days. I appreciate and honour the connection that we have, whether I’ve met you personally or not.

I can only do the work that I do because of you and for you. And I sincerely thank you for that. I truly appreciate our connection (even if we’ve not personally met).

May your days be filled with ease, peace, love, happiness, health and gratitude my dearest one,


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