Non-Toxic DIY Halloween Face Paint

Non-Toxic DIY Halloween Face Paint

Wondering why anyone would want a DIY Halloween face paint recipe? Face paints rarely include an ingredient list, but a recent study revealed that even when labeled as “safe” or “nontoxic”, they’re often loaded with potentially harmful ingredients.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics sent 10 children’s face paints to an independent lab to test for toxic ingredients, and reported that all10 were found to contain lead, a neurotoxin that can harm the brain, even at low doses. Six out of 10 contained skin allergens including nickel, cobalt and/or chromium at levels exceeding industry safety recommendations.

So  before you buy petroleum-derived, heavily packaged, possibly toxic Halloween makeup, try this recipe for DIY Halloween face paint using a few simple, non-toxic, natural ingredients that you probably already have on hand!


For this DIY Halloween Face Paint You’ll Need

  • A Safe Sunscreen or Diaper Balm made of zinc oxide
  • Natural loose powder mineral makeup, eye shadows or pencils
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Large Dish


*All of these nontoxic ingredients can be sourced from Transitions Studio in St. Catharines. Otherwise, the Skin Deep Database can provide alternatives.


How-to DIY Halloween Face Paint

  1. Using the dish like a painter’s palette, add a very small amount of sunscreen or balm. You’ll want a consistency that’s as dry as possible so that it doesn’t rub off. You can always add more later, to adjust the consistency.
  2. Next, carefully add a small amount of mineral makeup + mix well, until you see a smooth + consistent color throughout.
  3. Continue adding color until you reach the desired shade.
  4. Repeat with all the colors you’ll need.
  5. Apply using fingertips or makeup brushes

Have you tried making your own face paint before, or talked to your children about the dangers of toxic products? What products did you use? Do you have any tips? Please leave a comment and share your thoughts.


Happy halloween!

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