Sweet soul, I hear you.  I hear your plea’s that you want more out of life.

More love. More joy. More clarity. More direction. More certainty. More confidence. More self-acceptance. More self control. More discipline. More money.  More collaboration. More simplicity. More, more, more.

The natural state of this world and the universe is ABUNDANCE.

And you deserve to have everything you dream of.

If you find yourself getting stuck somewhere in life, like it’s groundhog day again, it just simply means you are letting your engrained patterns run on autopilot.  Let’s face it, your brain and nervous system want you to be safe. To the limited mind, safety comes from what you know. Change or anything new creates uncertainty or instability. It’s no wonder you keep repeating exactly what you know day in and day out, or perhaps months, years or even decades.

Here are a few ways that you can override your old patterns, upgrade your limiting beliefs and absolutely fall in LOVE with your life:


Choose to be grateful in every moment. Acknowledge what you are grateful for every day. The positive emotions you emit when acknowledging the goodness in your life improves your health and mindset. It also trains the brain to be more positive. This certainly doesn’t mean that you’ll never get upset or angry – of course that will happen in life. Once you’ve processed and released the triggering emotion, it would appropriate to ask “what lesson am I to learn from the experience/situation” and realize what you learn is the gift.


Do at least one thing everyday that lights you up –  something that lights your soul on fire or makes the five year old in you happy, giddy or joyful. It doesn’t need to be extravagant, it can be as simple as drinking your coffee in your favourite mug, catching a sunset, taking a relaxing bath, snuggling your children or pet, teat yourself, change your routine, do things you love, spend time with people you love, dance, sing, laugh, paint, draw, create. Do things that makes your heart happy.


You are the star of the show and of your life. Treat yourself like you are important – because you are!  That may mean setting new or upgrading your boundaries. Be clear and disciplined of when you’re available for others, times or days when that are carved out just for you, putting your phone on DND or silent when you need to focus, set your business hours, play time and down time. Speak kindly, compassionately and lovingly to yourself. Do the things that actually matter to you and give yourself the 5 Star treatment, you are worthy of it.


Make progress your maker for success instead of perfection. You likely want everything you do, create, say or touch to be a reflection of how amazing you are. The downside of perfectionism is that it’s exhausting and highly unrealistic. It often leaves you stressed and unhappy because you’re using valuable time and energy striving for perfection in the smallest details. Instead, compare yourself to the earlier version of you. Look at where you were, who you were, where you started, where you are now, what you’ve learned, how you’ve evolved. Perhaps you can measure your own growth by your self-development, the books you read, what you’re learning, creating, experimenting with, or the small lifestyle changes you’re making. Acknowledge your progress (even if you think it’s minuscule). Progress is how most change happens – small seemingly insignificant changes that happen gradually over time. When you focus on progress instead of perfection, you can see and recognize your own accomplishments and where you are heading.


Your sensual goddess needs to be acknowledged, free and unleashed. Sexual drive and desire are the foundation of life force and energy. If you think about where life is derived, it is from the sexual centre. This is where and how we reproduce. This primary well of life force often gets shut down over time. By opening this channel of energy and being sexually stimulated to orgasm, you have tons of dopamine being released. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter in the brain that makes you want to go out and achieve, it makes you want to do things, it makes you feel strong and powerful and confident out in the world. Take the 2 week challenge and have sexual pleasure every day for 14 days. It will change your outlook, drive, mood and approach to life. No partner? No problem, you know how to please yourself. Go on, have some fun and unleash your primary life force.

I’d love to hear what idea you’re going to implement or after you do, what you’ve noticed.

In good health, happiness, love and regular sex,



Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter

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