If you know anything about me, you know that I love to travel, do yoga, meet, talk to and learn about people and that I love good, wholesome natural food. You might also say that I’m adventurous. These things are all an education for me. I learn about myself, my limits, my fears, my strengths, interesting people, their stories, cultures, amazing places around the globe, relationships, synergies, plants, the earth, the universe and a whole host of other interesting tidbits that further my journey on this earthly planet.

Sharlene Brewer Costa Rica hikeI just returned from one fine place that ignited all of my senses and fuelled all of my loves… Costa Rica. Myself and my gal pal took the adventurous path through the jungle of Central America by SUV through rivers, on mountainous terrain, on rugged dirt roads to find amazing surf, yoga, whole foods, amazing people, natural beaches, rugged and true beauty. This place, if you haven’t been, met all of my desires as a yogi, nature lover, nutritionist, adventurer and traveller. I discovered on this trip of a lifetime that I’m a traveller, not a tourist. There is a difference! Tourists visit places that are popular among crowds and are well documented and reviewed. They are likely familiar and well travelled paths. That is not my path. I love, love, LOVE going off the beaten path to see what there is to discover, to live among the locals and learn about their lifestyles, their stories, where they eat, where they shop and how they live.

I found that Costa Rica is rich in nature, diversity, natural elements, sun, sand, green, whole, simple living and interesting friendly people. I found that it is safe, welcoming, hot all year ’round, that all things are bigger and greener in Costa Rica (including bugs), that it is magnificent and simply a beautiful country. The roads are as natural as the earth that surrounds them. Flat and concrete is not a natural form. That the journey of travelling is meant to be enjoyed, savoured and not rushed (like we do here in North America). I’m sure that’s why most of the roads are not paved. It’s just all part of the experience and reinforces our lesson to slow down.  The finest and best Pina Colada’s are created in Central America where fresh pineapples and coconut milk are all you really need for the ultimate tropical drink. The rum is just an added flavour and mood enhancer (if you’re so inclined).

Nosara Yoga InstituteIf you are anything like me or have any similar interests, add Costa Rica to one of the places to visit (or visit again). In two weeks time,  I covered quite a bit of terriority, considering the condition of the roads, but not nearly enough time to give a full review of the whole country. I spent most of my vacation time in Guanacaste (Nicoya Peninsula) then headed to the beautiful and lush Arenal region, which really struck a cord in me.

Although it was not the intention of my trip, I visited a handful of yoga facilities in Guanacaste (in hopes that I will offer some retreats in the future in this area because of it’s incredible vibe). A few special facilities, each with their own magic worth mentioning are:

If yoga, natural living, nutrient dense foods, adventure are your thing, stay tuned for my first Costa Rica Yoga Retreat (fingers crossed for this fall, 2014).  I can tell you, it will be special and off the beaten track, surrounded by natural beauty and interesting, friendly people. That’s just the way I roll. If I ever find some spare time, I’ll also expand on these yoga facilities to give you my opinion and reviews.  Until then…

Namaste and ¡hasta luego,


Holistic Life Coach, Yogi, Nutritionist
Founder of PURE Natural Health & Wellness

I’d love to hear about your Costa Rica experiences, what you loved, where you were and what you’d love to see in holistic health/yoga retreat in Costa Rica.  Remember, I’m a holistic nutritionist, yoga instructor, meditation teacher, life coach and energy practitioner. Tell me what your dream vacation day looks like.  I might just be able to make it happen!  

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