The Next Leap

The Next Leap

Hello PURE Friend,

You may have noticed some recent changes to PURE, my name, my ‘look’ and me. I am transitioning. Quite honestly, I don’t know when in my life I haven’t been transitioning; I wholeheartedly believe it never stops.

Thankfully, we don’t ever stop, growing, learning and evolving. I used to joke that if nothing changed, everything would stay the same.

I shudder at the thought. At where I would be if nothing in my life had changed. I’d still be sporting high-waisted acid wash jeans, big hair and waterfall bangs. Or worse, I’d have stayed stuck in my punk phase with horrible dark eyeliner and one too many bracelets to make it through the security check.

All joking aside, I love change! But it’s also scary as hell.

It doesn’t matter if you’re someone who thrives on variety, exploration and experimentation, if you’re in a funk, a tricky situation, an unfulfilling relationship or a health crisis. To think everything will stay exactly the same, without the possibility of change, leaves a sense of emptiness.

I know that with each change I always come out better. Stronger. A more authentic person. But still, I’m apprehensive to leave my comfort zone. I’d like to think that I’m getting better at being more comfortable in the uncomfortable, but I have to say the first step, for me, is usually the hardest.

Once I make the leap, it’s liberating.  There’s forward momentum and new horizons.  Not that you can’t look back, but you can’t drive forward looking in your rear view mirror.  So, onward, we go!

My next leap is transitioning PURE from a brick and mortar business in lovely Niagara to being available online, across the country.  I’m positioning myself so more people like you can have access to my coaching and holistic programs, regardless of their location.

As of June 15th, I will be giving up my lovely brick and mortar office in St. Catharines.

I’ll still be available for consults via Skype and phone.

So now is your chance: If you’ve been meaning to see me in person, or have wanted to scope out my office, if you have any unused gift certificates or consults remaining, now is the time to make it into PURE.

The best way to get coaching directly from me and take advantage of my huge library of resources is through my new 8-week online program, The Art of Living From the Inside Out.

See you on the other side of computer screen,




Sharlene Styles

Holistic Nutritionist & Lifestyle Coach

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