Do you ever feel like you’re sabotaging your own efforts? Like you’ve somehow loosened the bolts on the wheels of your own cart just as it’s propelling you forward?

Do you beat yourself up for not staying the course? How does this happen? And why does it keep happening?

Here’s the deal: It’s impossible to be 100% committed, 100% of the time. In theory, you think you ought to be. I get it. You’re strong, capable and determined.

You’re also not alone.

As a holistic nutritionist and lifestyle coach, I see it all the time. I see it with my clients, I see it in myself; I see it with seasoned pros. Take professional athletes for example. Are they always in game shape? Do they take time – or even an entire season – off?  You bet!


Just like in nature, we have natural ebbs and flows. Much like the changing of seasons, the flow of the tide and the moon cycles, we’re not always in ‘bloom’ mode. Sometimes we’re in hibernation mode, repair mode or growth mode.  It’s natural. Embrace it!

Soften up a little and give yourself a break. I’m not giving you permission to throw all caution to the wind and go back to old habits. But I want to empower you to go with the flow, and from time to time give yourself a little leeway. Break some rules. It’s good for the soul and it’s a gentle reminder that the path that you’re choosing is right, as long as it still feels right.

The cool thing about self-awareness is, as you plod along the healthy path in front of you, you become hypersensitive to any variances in your wellbeing. It is an amazing reward that not everyone has achieved.

It can also be a bit of a curse – the curse of perfectionism. Because you know what feels right when you’re in sync with yourself and on the right path (you feel like you’re on top of the world), when you veer from that path you feel like crap, and you beat yourself up thinking you should know better.

I’m here to tell you it happens. And it will likely keep happening.

There will even be times when venturing off your path will feel right and easy. Follow it!  Enjoy the side trip and the exploration.

Ultimately, I think you’ll find your true path becomes clearer, and it’s easier to stick to your healthy ways – living, eating and feeling better overall.

So strap on your goggles and hit the road!

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  1. very well written and thank you, Im off my path but now ready to get back on. Thank you Sharlene!!!

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