Facing the Unknown

Facing the Unknown

Today the world and future may seem uncertain. The fact is that it’s always been that way. Perhaps at some level some people have had a false sense of security – in their roles, titles, careers, labels, governments, financial markets, etc.   At the time of this writing, the entire world has been stopped, turned upside down and shaken dramatically by COVID 19 for months now with no clear end in sight.

It is my hope that this writing (blog) supports you as you face the unknown and shores up your faith – faith in yourself, your strength and your resilience.



Here we are in the midst of a crisis. You may think it has to do with a virus or a pandemic or even the risk of ensuing death, but the crisis we are facing, in my opinion, is really one of faith.

You see, the flip side of faith is fear. When faith is absent or challenged, the door to fear gently opens and it seeps in, gradually at first – like a trickling stream, then momentum picks up when faith is weakened and the fear turns into a fast and powerful flowing river.

The narrative among all channels of communication now, and for the past several weeks have been FLOODED with messages and images that invoke fear, hence my observation and opinion that we are in a crisis of faith.

Can the way out be really be just that simple, you may ask. If I just have faith, all will be well? Well, yes and no. Let’s zoom out and observe this global situation from a distance, you’ll likely see an overwhelming amount of worry, grief, apathy and fear that have spread to much of the planet’s population.

You may already know that every emotion has its own energetic vibration (as does everything, from your body, to the earth to plants, right down to microbes – EVERYTHING has its own optimal frequency or vibration). And the lowest frequencies of shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear and anger have now circulated through our entire planet in unprecedented ways, at lightning speed.

We are now experiencing these vibrations in mass doses because of the vast number of people emitting these frequencies across the entire planet.

While there may be some very real concerns of livelihood, health, financial future, etc (which I don’t intend to diminish), the problem becomes when we stay in the fear zone.  And right now getting and staying out of the fear zone may be a challenge, even when you have your positive pants on because everywhere you look or go you may be reminded of just how bizarre this situation is and how quickly our reality has changed. When things are unfamiliar or unusual we lose our sense of security and comfort which invites in more cause for alarm or fear.  



I’ll remind you that fear itself can be good to keep us alive. Fear triggers the autonomic nervous system, meaning an involuntary self-protective mechanism kicks in without us having to think about what to do.

The flight, fright or freeze response triggered by the sympathetic nervous system is meant to be a short term response to stress (aka fear) to help us survive or out run danger threatening us. It’s our bodies’ innate reaction to a “threatening” event.

The problem is in staying in this fear zone for prolonged periods. It’s like keeping the fire alarm going 24/7 for days, weeks, months or even years.

You see our brain can’t distinguish between real, imagined or perceived threats. That is, our body responds the same way to all stressful situations, whether they are “real” or not. Whether you are watching them on TV or in a movie, thinking about them or actually living them.

This involuntary biological survival response to fear can be interrupted when:

  • you know you are safely out of harms way
  • you face the unknown with awareness
  • you activate the para-sympathetic nervous system (rest and digest mode)



  • Affirmations – using positive affirmations can help change your thoughts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviour.  It would be helpful to repeat positive affirmations daily, even multiple times a day. You can record yourself saying them on your phone and replay them to yourself. I like “I face the unknown with calm and ease”
  • Limit media exposure – because that’s not where you’ll find good news. Good news doesn’t sell – it doesn’t keep you hooked. Bad news it what sells the news and keep you coming back for more.  Watching the news keeps you in a low vibrational state (angry, frustrated, scared, etc)
  • Breathing exercises – focusing on the breath requires you be in the present moment. You can’t think about the impending future or the past when you’re in the present moment. Plus breathing deeply and consciously regulates the autonomic nervous system, balances the brain and reduces stress.
  • Meditation – you likely are aware that the science of meditation has been highly researched and has been shown to have many positive effects on overall well-being and brain function. One of the key benefits of meditation is being attuned to the present moment without judgement. There are plenty of ways to practice meditation. It would be helpful to experiment with a few to see/feel what works for you and incorporate some into your daily routine.   
  • Visualization – visualizing what you’d like your future to look like requires you to think about what you want, perceive it, and believe in it. Believing in something and that you already have it can alter your mind, your actions and behaviour.
  • Eat well – eating whole foods loaded with various nutrients, micro-nutrients, vitamins and minerals increases cellular vibration and the body’s own life force. Foods that are processed, packaged and/or full of sugar are devoid of nutritional value or benefit, therefore keeping the body’s frequency in a low vibrational state. When you consume things like living plants (fruits and vegetables), you take on and assimilate the frequency of that from the living plant. Consuming whole real foods keeps your body in a high vibrational state.
  • Avoid/limit stimulants like alcohol, caffeine, dramatic or action movies/games/videos –  these products keep your vibrational frequency low. You want to fill your tank with premium fuel, not products that will gunk up your ability to vibrate at high levels.
  • Go outside in nature – this is natural fuel for the body, mind and soul. See, breathe and experience green spaces as much as possible. Trees and plants emit a powerful and highly beneficial by-product called phytoncides which have healing affects on the body similar to those of natural aromatherapy. Forest bathing has numerous health benefits including boosting the immune system, reduces stress, improves mood, lowers blood pressure, increases energy levels and improves sleep.
  • Laugh, sing, dance, play – playful activities lead to improved physical health, emotional well-being and joy in living. Have fun daily to keep the vibes high and light.  Joy and love are one of the highest frequencies of all. 


Bonus strategies to keep your vibes high

  • Sound healing, music, binaural beats, vibrational healing, chanting, singing
  • Supportive floral essences, essential oils or homeopathies (talk to your health care pro for help on what can support you physically and/or emotionally)
  • Essential oils, like sandalwood – especially good on the 3rd eye alarm point
  • EFT tapping


I’d like to remind you that nature’s strength and normal state is when everything is in harmony.

As in nature, our body is also at its strongest and best when it’s in harmony.

Chaos causes change – it is not meant to be permanent state. 

Chaos defined: (kā,äs) complete disorder and confusion.



I invite and encourage you to find your optimal state amongst the confusion and chaos. I hope the above tips help support you during this time.

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In good health, happiness and faith,






Photo credit: Image by Larisa K

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