How Stress Can Affect Your Health

How Stress Can Affect Your Health

I’m sure you know that stress has long-term negative effects on your body and mind.

My guess is that you have felt the effects of stress at some point in your life.

It’s my hope that you don’t have don’t have ongoing health issues because of it, however the truth is that stress is the cause of MOST major health problems.

In fact, you may not even link some of your big health issues to the root cause of stress.

Take my dad, for example… when he was told by his doctor that his cholesterol levels were high and that he should take meds to rectify the problem, he didn’t even consider that his lifestyle of high stress could be the cause. He, like so many others, have been conditioned to think that his cholesterol levels were elevated because of his diet alone. While diet does have some impact (not as much as you’ve been led to think), studies show that psychological stress is a big risk factor for increasing triglycerides, and LDL and for decreasing HDL. I mention this example only to illustrate that a seemingly innocent and common imbalance is overlooked as being linked to stress. The misconceptions and solution to the problem in this illustration is a story for another day though!

From my experience as a health coach for the past 10+years, I’ve found that there have been two common root causes for most suffering and pain – stress and lack of self-love.

I spoke with my friend Michelle Latocha (of Be Active Live Better) about this recently on her podcast.

We dive into:

✨how women derive pleasure from helping others, often to their own detriment

✨how we as humans tend to adapt to stress and not notice its effects on us

✨some key strategies to help manage and reduce the impacts of physical and emotional stress

You can listen to the episode here.

Or watch the video here.

It’s my hope that it will inspire you to make some simple changes so you don’t fall victim to the silent stress trap.

If you know you’re swimming in the dangerous waters of stress, I can offer a very cost-effective DIY solution with strategies that will help you manage the impacts of stress, my Art of Balance Stress Management Guide, or a done WITH you option where I’ll work with you as your personal coach to make lifestyle changes and create new supportive habits instead. While coaching is a bigger commitment, the effects will be life-long when you implement what you learn. If I’m not the right fit for what you’re looking for, I sincerely encourage you to find support that is a good fit for your unique situation.

Either way,  please pay attention to this silent and seemingly tolerable but dangerous threat.

With much love and ease,

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