Feeling Kinky? Causes of Neck Kink & Shoulder Tension

Most neck kinks are caused by strained muscles. Specifically, an overworked levator scapula – the muscle at the back side of your neck, responsible for lifting your shoulder blades. Let me tell you: that’s no easy job! When you consider that most of us spend at least 8 hours a day with our shoulders rounded forward staring at a computer screen, hands propped on on a keyboard or steering wheel, or holding up a phone, our shoulders are continuously elevated.

It’s no wonder so many people suffer from neck and shoulder pain.

Prolonged, these unsupported,  raised positions strain our muscles causing shoulder tension and stiffness. Aka, neck kink.

Between the time I used to spend sitting in front of a computer and driving to meetings for my corporate job, I  felt this muscle tension nearly every day. In fact those tense days are what prompted me to take my first yoga class.

Stress is also a major contributor to neck kink and shoulder tension.

Stressful situations at work and home cause us to clench our muscles – often unknowingly – which leads to tight, contracted muscles, nerves and jaws.

How to Get Rid of a Kink in Your Neck

To relieve neck pain we must frequently and consciously relax our muscles.

The next time you’re feeling pain in your neck and shoulders, try this 5-minute exercise break. Not only will it help get rid of the kink in your neck, it will relieve stress in your whole upper body. Did I mention it only takes 5 minutes to ease pain?

Added benefits if you can take your 5-minute exercise break outside where you can soak up some fresh air, new scenery and a nature buzz, like I did.

I hope you enjoy it.

Let me know in the comments below!

5-Minute Video: How to Get Rid of a Kink in Your Neck & Relieve Upper Body Stress


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