Sage & Watermelon Infused Water

Sage & Watermelon Infused Water

A beloved pal of mine delivered some excess homegrown organic produce from their farm the other day minutes before I was expecting guests for a dinner party. I was thrilled, grateful and excited to use the freshly picked goodness, but had already prepared the meal that I was going to serve and was expecting the arrival of my guests any minute.  The  fresh lettuce was easy to convert to a last minute salad, but the sage posed a bit more of a challenge. My thoughts immediately lead to a sage infused beverage. But accompanied with what?

It’s not too often you taste sage in a drink. The only sweetness that I found in my fridge to offset the sage was remnants of a watermelon. I resorted to my freezer for some frozen wild blueberries and within a couple of minutes had the perfect looking summer mocktail that oozed with distinction, colour and flair.  It was a bit of a gamble to offer such unique flavours combined in a glass, but it was a hit. One of the guests did a request a dose of vodka with my creation and I have to say it too, was shear beauty.


Sage & Watermelon Infused Water

What you need:

6-8 Sage Leaves (clean)
1 c Watermelon (chunks)
1/4 c Organic or Wild Blueberries (I used frozen)
1 tsp Natural Sweetener (optional, maple syrup, honey or agave would work well)
8 – 10 c Water
Ice Cubes


What to do:

  • Muddle  sage leaves with the end of a wooden spoon in a pitcher to bruise the leaves and fire up the aroma and flavour of the herb
  • Add 1/4  – 1/2 C watermelon and muddle in pitcher with sage
  • Add remaining watermelon chunks
  • Fill pitcher with pure filtered water to 3/4 full
  • Add sweetener (if using), blueberries and top with ice cubes
  • Stir & allow flavours to merge together before serving (although I didn’t have time for that)
  • If you want to make it super sparkly you could add some soda water or organic mineral water instead of plain ol’ H20 to make it a sparkling drink


Thank you Whitney Pea & Forworld Farms for the unexpected and gracious delivery of your fresh, delicious greens.

Your ever grateful, experimenting natural food enthusiast,



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