There are just some times in my life when I want a little more than plain ‘ol water to quench my thirst. Water is my go-to drink. Often times it includes fresh lemon juice, or mint or cucumber. And then there are times when I just want to shake it up a bit and not drink liquids that are loaded with sugar. In those cases, I turn to adding whole foods to my H20 to jazz things up.

This recipe was born from what I had in my fridge. I’m sure you can blend any flavours together that you love or have handy. My suggestion would be to start with whole real foods in their natural state, add filtered or sparkling water, blend and enjoy.

This recipe is so simple it doesn’t even need instructions. The idea came from the summer that I Uncomplicated My Life.

For this light refreshing summer drink… I muddled together:


Then I topped it off with mineral water. Added ice cubes, garnished with slices of pear, cucumber, lemon and basil leaves. If you want a full-octane drink try adding vodka or gin. More healthy mocktails here.


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