Years ago I was introduced to the ancient Mayan technique of abdominal massage, as I searched for relief from a systemic urinary issue.  Like many others, I arrived at the practitioners office with hopes that the next hour of treatment would be a cure and relieve all of my pain.  I arrived willingly with anticipation of being “fixed”. I laid on the massage table,  gave all of my power to the beautiful woman who was doing the treatment. I had high hopes that she would correct my years of discomfort, all in my one hour session.

Heal the gutMy first abdominal massage was a huge learning experience. I learned about my body, my digestive and reproductive organs. Even though I had studied anatomy and physiology in school, I didn’t often connect my hands, brain and organs together. I knew where they were, what they did and how to nourish them with all of the proper nutrients, but I never physically massaged any of them like I did during this session.  Talk about the ultimate mind/body connection.

After my initial treatment and self discovery of my inners during the session, I was instructed how to do the massage myself. I was given a sheet with step by step instructions to follow so that I could do the technique at home, myself. And guess what?  In the beginning I had high hopes, I did the massage a few times, then other things became more important. Life got in the way of my own self care. Time passed and I totally dismissed the validity of this amazing healing technique.

Fast forward to today. I still work diligently to keep Interstitial Cystitis and my overall health in check.  I make all attempts to take care of myself on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).  I rediscovered Maya Abdominal Massage and now I actually DO the self massages.

I can’t begin to tell you the difference it has made for me.  My short, painful periods have balanced themselves out. Even though it was not my intent, my PMS symptoms diminished and virtually non-existent now. My cycle has regulated.  My IC remains in check.  No more painful pee!  And one of the best things I’ve gained from applying this technique is the connection to myself. It’s my time for self love & self care.  It’s almost like I’m giving myself a little hug, a little bit of private “me” time. Selfish? You bet and I love it!

Self Care Techniques

The intention of Maya Abdominal Massages is to restore proper positioning to your uterus and to improve the flow of blood, lymph, nerve impulses and energy or chi.  The technique is used to assist the body’s innate healing ability by removing obstacles to homeostasis or balance within.  The massage helps reposition the uterus and urogenital organs back to their normal positions and remove old adhesions. This repositioning allows toxins to be flushed from the body, nutrients to be delivered to tone tissue and balance hormones.

Various imbalances & situations can be helped:

Men too, can benefit from:

You can learn more about Maya Abdominal Massage HERE  and find a local practitioner near you.

If you’re in Niagara, we are fortunate to have two incredible practitioners nearby. I’ve seen both and would highly recommend either:

Carrie Althorpe is a RMT in St. Catharines that specialized in abdominal massages.

Nancy Crawford is in Port Colborne and does other body work and spiritual therapy as well.

Dr. Shannon Bourke in Sarnia, will allow you to stay overnight if required or take you in for the day. If you do travel to see Shannon, do yourself a favour, get a facial (au natural) and ask about a vaginal steam. You can chuckle (I did) but it’s pretty amazing to help reposition internal organs. She is a Doctor of Natural Medicine and specializes in Ayruvedic principles.

Peace to you and your inners,

Sharlene Styles
Owner & Founder of PURE Natural Health & Wellness

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