Complete Cleanse Week 1

Complete Cleanse – Week 1

This week we’re covering the most important ingredients during your cleanse week, such as staying hydrated and eating lots of protein. Plus other important topics.

And be sure to download the additional resources below the video!


Week 1 Resources

Your Complete Cleanse Ebook.

This will be your main resource, and is referred to throughout the program. It includes loads of additional information and some delectable cleanse friendly recipes. You’ll need it… and want it. Go ahead, start reading it today!

Organic + GMO Guide 

This guide will walk you through the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 , to help you navigate the complex organic food choices. Plus, a list of the highest risk GMOs and how to avoid them.

Super Sludge Recipe 

This is not likely as bad as you think, however it does have a bit of a funky texture, hence the title of “Sludge”. The vast majority of people that use this recipe report full, complete and sometimes europhoric bowel movements!