Gut Health Essentials

If you’re here, you’re likely aware of how crucial gut health and digestion are—not only for feeling your best but also for maintaining your energy levels, managing the rate of aging, supporting hormone function, reducing inflammation, and controlling skin issues and weight, especially during midlife. This journey is about more than just avoiding bloating or […]

Gut Health Matters: The Secret to Metabolism, Hormones, and Weight Loss

Gut Health 101: Why does good gut health matter? You may have heard a lot of buzz about gut health lately but what does it really mean? And more importantly, what can you do about it? Today we’ll take a trip down the digestive tract and see why gut health matters, especially when it comes […]

Thirsty for Solutions: Natural Remedies for Dry Mouth

As a nutritionist, I often work with clients who experience dry mouth. It’s a common issue, and it can be very uncomfortable. But the good news is that there are plenty of natural solutions that can help. In this article, I’ll explain what dry mouth is, why it happens, how it affects your body and […]

Chew On This: The Connection Between Nutrition and Dental Health

Today I want to dive into the importance of focusing on the food you eat and how it directly impacts the state of your teeth. You see, nutrition plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal dental health, and by making mindful choices about what you put in your mouth, you can actively support the well-being […]

Green Tea for Weight Loss and Health

I am always on the lookout for nature’s gifts to enhance our well-being. Today, I share with you the amazing benefits of green tea – a honoured elixir celebrated for its help with weight loss, appetite control, increased energy and overall health. Metabolism Boost: Green tea’s antioxidants (catechins) can rev up your metabolism. This means […]

Why We Are Overweight & Overeating

As much as I talk about nutrition, how we balance the body, and how we get to our ideal weight, I don’t often talk about the reason why we actually get here. The whole basis of why are we overweight is because we overeat. It’s simple math. The only reason that our body stores fat […]