The Real Raw Truth of My Story

I often get asked the question; How the hell did you go from finance to natural health? Then the question is usually followed by “Wow! That’s quite the 180 º”.  I laugh politely, agree and give an encapsulated answer. I decided to answer that common question late one night into my phone. I had this vague […]

The Scoop on Poop

Poop Yes, I know it’s potty talk, but we all do it and we need to talk about it.  Poop tells us so much of what is going on with our digestive system. It’s a true mirror of our internal terrain. Yes, you heard me right, our fecal matter is a direct reflection of our […]

Simple Tips and Natural Remedies for Travel

If you find yourself travelling this holiday season, you can keep yourself and your family healthy with a few simple tips and a little bit of pre-planning. When travelling we tend veer from our normal routines. As our usual eating patterns, food choices and sleeping patterns change we can become susceptible to all kinds of […]

Apple Quinoa Bake

Autumn, by far is one of my most favourite times of year. I love the transition from the lazy hazy days of summer into new routines, colours and foods of the fall.  I really do look forward to getting back into a routine, wearing socks, comfy sweaters, warm boots and getting back into the kitchen creating […]

What Moms of Daughters Need to Know About Boobs

PRECOCIOUS PUBERTY: WHAT MOMS OF DAUGHTERS NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BOOBS I recently heard an interview on CBC’s radio program The Current, with Florence Williams, author of Breasts: a Natural and Unnatural History. Obviously, it was fascinating. Williams was discussing how our environment has impacted the health of our breasts, with several chemicals clearly linked […]

Chilling with Chai Recipe

I’m not sure what it is that keeps bringing me back to my blender in the summer months. Maybe its the lazy, hazy days of summer or just the simplicity of blending anything possible to get the most & best nutrients circulating in me without having to think about what to chop, slice, dice or cook. Let’s face it, […]