How to Fix Brain Fog

You may have heard that your gut is your second brain.   This is good information to know if you have brain fog, poor memory, trouble focusing or difficulty concentrating.   Check your digestion if you have brain fog or cognition issues and: are bloated experience constipation have difficulty losing weight have frequent heartburn or […]

How To Stop Sweet Cravings

Do you feel that when you crave sweet,  your desire is stronger than your willpower and this is why you give in to the craving?  The good news, is that it’s not your willpower that’s the problem. You are not broken and nothing is wrong with you.  It’s actually human biology that prompts wanting more […]

How Stress Can Affect Your Health

I’m sure you know that stress has long-term negative effects on your body and mind. My guess is that you have felt the effects of stress at some point in your life. It’s my hope that you don’t have don’t have ongoing health issues because of it, however the truth is that stress is the […]