Sweet Treats

Chocolate Bliss Balls A healthy, guilt free alternative to chocolate to ward off any cravings. In my opinion, these little bites of heaven are a healthy version of chocolate truffles. (Pictured far right) What you need 1 c medjool dates, pitted ¼ c cacao powder ½ c coconut oil Topping (optional) 1/3 c finely grated coconut […]

Maca Coco Latte

Maca is a very unique superfood that supports hormone function/balancing, regulates mood, improves energy, increases libido, ramps up immune function and helps with concentration and focus. If that isn’t enough, it’s loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids AND tastes great! It’s derived from a root, grown in South America (Peru). It’s slightly sweet with […]

Chocolate and Longevity: A Bittersweet Match

You love chocolate, but feel guilty eating it. Am I right? What if I told you that eating chocolate was actually good for your health? And that chocolate is one of those foods that will actually help you live longer. Would you stop feeling guilty about eating it? Or even eat more? How chocolate and longevity […]

Healthy Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipe

Sometimes you just need a little love… sometimes that love comes in a cup! Hot drinks can warm our souls, hearts, minds and bellies. This is a quick and easy hot chocolate recipe is made from whole real foods so you don’t need to feel any guilt as you enjoy it.  The ingredients are pure […]

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

I know… the thought of chocolate and avocado together gets you scratching your head and thinking really? How the heck can that work? I’m glad you asked! The creaminess and mild flavour of the avocado make it the perfect match for the intense robust personality of cacao. A marriage made in heaven… well, at least […]

Buddha Balls

If you were at the 2014 International Women’s Day luncheon in Niagara Falls, chances are you tried these little wonders. We gave out hundreds and heard the roar of the crowd when they found out there was no gluten or added sugar. The recipe I prepared for the show was a little more elaborate, but […]

Chocolate Love Bites

If you love chocolate as much as I do, this simple and delicious recipe will not only save you money making your own but you’ll also get to control what goes in the chocolate. Which means your flavour options are endless!   Start by creating the base of the chocolate and add additional flavourings of […]

Super Balls

These balls filled with Super Powers!  Literally. I made these balls one afternoon to satisfy a little chocolate craving and to fuel my tank. I threw a bunch of raw super foods from Truly Organic Foods that I have in my pantry together with some coconut oil and produced little bits of super-charged goodness. They […]