Welcome to my Virtual Dispensary! Here you’ll find a collection of my favourite supplements that are professional quality and used as therapeutic remedies.


Allow me to introduce you to my favourite mineral manufacturer… Aussie Minerals. This is an an affiliate link to save 10% on your purchase and they pay me a small percentage for the introduction. I hope you love them as much as I do, because while drinking water is the foundation to health, if you don’t have the minerals to absorb the water you’re drinking,  you’re just flushing all the good stuff out.

Castor Oil Packs

If you don’t know about COP’s, stick around and you’ll hear me talk about them a lot! They’re the Swiss army knife in the natural health world. They’re good for digestion, detoxification, pain, stress reduction, to improve sleep and hormone balance plus so much more! While you can make your packs, my friends at Queen of Thrones make a package so convenient and easy to use that you can wear it while you sleep. You can check out the options here. I use the liver pack and eye pack, personally. (Affiliate link)