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Love Notes

On PURE’s 6 Week Cleanse Program:

This program exceeded my expectations. To me this was more than a “Cleanse” class, but a Life Change class. It has really opened my eyes. It impacted my life greatly. I am much more aware of many things I never thought of before. The most valuable tool was the workbook, and Elly & Sharlene.  This program teaches you realistic basic life changes you can implement daily, not just in a cleanse. Thank you for allowing me to change my life in a healthy way.  I will be able to embrace this information for improving my future.

Mandi M

On Cooking Classes:

Thank you Sharlene for opening my eyes to what is somewhat a fear of cooking healthy. It is quick and easy.  I feel confident to cook this way! Thank you for all of your knowledge of healthy eating.

Fran S


On  Meditation Classes:

“It’s been most valuable to know that meditation is a simple thing and not a big production”

Ula C


On Yoga Events:

“Thank You Sharlene – I truly enjoyed the day!!  Thanks for putting on such fun and rejuvenating events!”

Susan M



On Sound Vibration Healing (Forking):

“Breast feeding was one of the healthiest things I could do for my daughter. After a week with blocked milk duct and decreased milk supply I became very concerned. Sharlene suggested I try “forking”. Thanks to Sharlene’s “forking” techniques, the blockage was released and my milk supply increased. Forking really worked for me. I highly recommend it!”

Kim S

On Psychosomatic Energy Testing (PSE):

“If you’re looking for someone to connect with to gain balance and expert holistic guidance, Sharlene is the gal for you! Sharlene provided me with a safe place to share feelings and stressors I was experiencing. She walked me through, (while educating me on), a psychosomatic energy test – (such an awesome experience!) to uncover imbalances in my life. Together, we talked about strategies I could implement to reach greater balance and wellbeing. Sharlene motivated me to make changes in my life and recommended specific treatments that helped me with my personal mission. I would recommend Sharlene’s expertise for anyone wanting to gain greater personal insight and guidance on improved health & wellbeing”

Shawna T

On PURE’s Top 10 Tips:

“I’ve been following PURE’s top ten tips for a healthy lifestyle. When I started I was a fast food junkie who was afraid of exercise and had a lot of health problems! After only 10 weeks I have seen amazing  and positive changes in my life. I have more energy, my headaches are nonexistent, I’m off all my medication, and I have now been seizure free for almost 3 months. I strongly recommend making these changes in your life, the results will stun you! Thank you PURE for giving me this opportunity!”

Kelly F