Do you feel that when you crave sweet,  your desire is stronger than your willpower and this is why you give in to the craving? 

The good news, is that it’s not your willpower that’s the problem. You are not broken and nothing is wrong with you.  It’s actually human biology that prompts wanting more sweet things.

As a side note: this is why companies add sweeteners to many products, even if you can’t taste the sweet.  They understand how our brains and gut are wired together to desire more sweet once we have even a little.

In this video I explain the human circuitry of craving more sweet, once we have a little, even if it’s a natural sweetener. Don’t shoot the messenger! 

Watch the video and my explanation here or click the image below. 

In this video, I cover:

  • how your biology drives your cravings, not your lack of willpower
  • how having just a little sweetness fuels wanting more (even if it’s natural or healthy option)
  • how to override your sweet cravings and still eat sweet things

I hope this explains how you can still get pleasure from eating sweet things without feeling like a slave to your cravings,



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