14-Day Energy Reboot Closed 2021

Do you feel like you’re running on empty?

You wake up every morning feeling tired, exhausted, drained and uninspired.

You just don’t seem to have gas in your tank, no matter how much you sleep!

And besides just feeling tired, you might also be:

  • Waking up feeling less than your best, and ending your day completely exhausted.

  • Falling asleep at wonky times and unable to get on a solid sleep schedule.

  • Dragging through each day, with your patience and tolerance always being tested.

  • Snapping at your friends and loved ones, and easily losing your temper.
  • Tapping out and don’t have the energy to do anything to change it.

  • Experiencing pesky lingering symptoms that never improve and are getting you down.

  • Desiring to get out of this unhealthy rut and wanting results NOW. 

  • Craving the days before when you were your dazzling radiant self.

It is possible to wake up excited and start feeling energized for your day again!

I know that your riveting, foxy self is waiting for you to wake her up. 

I also know that as you spruce up your inner and outer worlds, you’ll feel more energized, powerful and magnetic.

Over 14 days I will support and guide you in transforming unhealthy patterns into  simple, manageable, fueling daily habits.   

I’ve helped dozens women transform their bodies, health and life. 

That’s how I know you can feel and look sensational too!

You can wake up with radiant energy, a clear mind, on purpose by taking control of your health and implementing a few basic daily practices.

I get because I’ve been there

For 20 years I was burning the candle at both ends, working independently in the corporate world of finance, trying to make my mark and be successful among a sea of men.

I wasn’t sleeping well, my weight had skyrocketed and my body ached all over. I relied on a pot of coffee to get me going in the mornings and a jug of wine to help me sleep at night.

After years of experimenting with a variety of natural health products and services from supplements to Mayan abdominal massages, I realized I needed to be the change I wanted to see in myself.

If I wanted to feel better, I had to live better.

Since then, I’ve changed what I eat and how I engage with the world around me. And I’ve helped countless women – like you – do the same.

I specialize in nutrition from a holistic perspective. (Because we both know this is about more than just the food). My approach to wellness focuses on adding more organic whole foods to your diet, letting go of unhealthy lifestyle practices that don’t serve you (or your soul), and dialing down stress.

We won’t be counting calories or making you feel deprived or inadequate—you’re done with all that. Instead, I’ll help you create a pace that works for you as you move toward a more holistic way of living.

And that’s why I created the 14-Day Energy Reboot to amplify your energy levels and  your life!

In this 14-day program, I share the the most effective daily practices that have helped me super-charge my energy levels over the last several years. And I’ll give you simple steps and resources to incorporate these strategic simple daily habits for yourself, so you can experience an energy boost but also create lasting lifetime changes.

Imagine how you’d live your life with: 

More energy to do what lights you up, sparks your soul, heart & bank account

Increased vitality to pursue your passions with joy and ease

Reduced stress & cortisol levels to improve your sleep quality and quantity

Increased mental clarity & focus to make decisions and working from home (or anywhere!) easier

Recharged life force (internal battery) so you can handle any distraction with grace and clarity

Waking up rejuvenated, excited and full of sustainable energy every day

Renewed sense confidence, excitement and sensuality!

The 14-Day Energy Reboot Is Now Closed

I It was such a good way to introduce some healthy habits into my daily routine. It’s all about setting good intentions, and I’m amazed at how good it made me feel. Not only did I get lots more energy, it gave me a nice motivational boost to take on more healthy living habits. Sharlene is with you every step of the way cheering you on, assuring you it’s all about progress, not perfection. I would recommend it for anyone else in need of a little reboot!

Brenda S.

I have more energy and my confidence and self-esteem have gone through the roof. I'm more relaxed and happy. It's just been a great experience, and the more I learn, the more passionate I become. Life just gets better! I can't say enough about making these changes and I want to thank Sharlene so much for giving me this opportunity to make my life so much better.

Kelly E



You’ll learn to make simple healthy changes in your life which involve a renewed focus on eating, quality of sleep, energy fuelling practices and overall quality of life.

You’ll have support every step of the way! With me, yours truly and a Members Only Support Group you’ll get daily motivation, inspiration and accountability.

This program is not about learning (while that will happen), it’s about doing.

Over 14 days you’ll be implementing the principles that will move the needle on your fuel tank to “full”.

This program is NOT a challenge – We have enough challenges in our lives. 

This program is meant to be supportive and empower you to make a few tweaks to your daily routine so that you can handle your own daily challenges with strength, determination, clarity, ease and joy.

My intention is help you wake up everyday well rested, rejuvenated and energized, so your days are filled with happiness, purpose and passion. 



Program Guide

Your Reboot Guide outlines the principles of the program, the how to instructions, tips, recipe formula's, a daily checklist and energy assessment to use a reference book now and in the future. (valued at $47)


You'll get tips for selecting specific energy fuelling foods, some of my favourite recipes along with inspirational ones that are filled with supportive nutrients to boost your energy levels fast! (valued at $27)


You'll have access to meditations specifically to help you embody and visualize your new found energy and life of purpose, passion and pleasure.(valued at $27)

Daily Habits

You'll get instructions, motivation and daily support to add 5 + 1 simple habits to your daily routine. You can expect community support and accountability through the Private Members Only Group and directly from Sharlene Styles. (valued at $247)

Daily Tracker

The daily tracker helps you stay focused, monitor your daily actions and allows you to track your energy levels each day. You manage what you measure! (valued at $17)

Live Check-ins

During the two week program, you'll have direct access to Sharlene to ask any questions, get support or feedback with live check-ins. (valued at $347)

Private Members Only Group

You'll have access to a Members Only Facebook Group for additional guidance, support and motivation to help you stay accountable and inspired while implementing the daily habits, together as a group. (valued at $97)



Let me show you how to:

  • Reset your body and metabolism
  • Amplify your health, vitality and energy for your lifetime
  • Get restful sleep, so you wake up energized & enthusiastic
  • Refuel your mind and body with energy using simple daily habits
  • Use whole foods and simple daily practices to upgrade to a bright energized version of you

From my work with Sharlene, I gained simple but powerful insights, and new knowledge I could start applying right away. We started slowly, which was perfect because it gave me time to implement changes gradually, stress-free, and really make them stick. My entire family has felt the benefits of my healthier lifestyle. I have more energy, less stress, a better variety in my diet and more quality time for my family and myself.

Mandy V

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