DIY Complete Cleanse Ebook

PURE Complete Cleanse Ebook – $27

Co-authored by Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Sharlene Styles and Naturopathic Doctor, Elly Jenkyns, this is your definitive guide to a complete DIY cleanse.

Nourish your mind, body and soul with a natural detox plan for your body, diet, home and life.

Valued at over $150, you’ll receive 82 pages of professional strategies and a practical do-it-yourself plan – for only $27.

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Complete Cleanse ipad coverYou’ll learn:

• The amazing benefits of a natural cleanse

• How to measure your body’s toxic burden

• Ways to reduce your exposure to toxins

• Mind and body cleansing therapies

• Which personal products and household cleaners to use

• The advantages of infrared saunas, colonics and dry skin brushing

• The best yoga poses & breathing exercises

• Relaxation & meditation techniques

• Plus…

A complete plan for self-guided natural detox including:

• Over 40 recipes

• A supplement schedule

• Shopping list

• And weekly menu plan

Revitalize and energize yourself mind, body and soul with your complete guide to a natural cleanse.