Complete Cleanse Week 4

Complete Cleanse – Week 4

Woot woot!  You’ve reached the final module of the Complete Cleanse Program. This week we’re addressing emotional cleansing and the importance of self-care during a cleanse.

And be sure to download the additional resources below the video!


Week 4 Resources

Your Complete Cleanse Ebook.

This will be your main resource, and is referred to throughout the program. It includes loads of additional information and some delectable cleanse friendly recipes. You’ll need it… and want it. Go ahead, start reading it today!

Sleep Guide

Use the tips in this guide to help you create consistent night habits that will ensure you get a good night’s sleep!

The Balance Wheel

Use this simple assessment tool to see how balanced your life really is and learn how you can make your ride in life a little smoother.

Reducing EMFs Guide

In our modern, fast paced, technological world, it is important to power down regularly and to be aware of EMF exposure. Even though EMFs cannot be physically seen, your cells, tissues, organs and body certainly feel them. Included in this guide are some ways to reduce your exposure.

Journaling Techniques

The key to journaling is not to overthink it and let whatever comes to the surface of your consciousness on out paper. If you get stuck, keep your hand moving over the paper with your pen in hand. This will help your mind release what’s stored there. For more techniques, download this week’s guide.